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2012 Awardees

Anne Brunet

Anne Brunet, Ph.D.

Stanford University, CA

Project Title: Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance of Longevity
Grant ID: DP1-AG044848




Edward M Marcotte

Edward M Marcotte, Ph.D.

University of Texas Austin, TX

Project Title: Next-Generation Proteomics: Massively Parallel Single-Molecule Protein Identification & Quantification
Grant ID: DP1-GM106408




Hidde L. Ploegh

Hidde L. Ploegh, Ph.D.

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, MA

Project Title: A New Strategy to Disrupt Protein-Protein Interactions in Eukaryotic Cell
Grant ID: DP1-GM106409




Christina D. Smolke

Christina D. Smolke, Ph.D.

Stanford University, CA

Project Title: Synthetic Biology Platforms for Natural Product Discovery and Biosynthesis
Grant ID: DP1-AT007886




Yi Tang

Yi Tang, Ph.D.

University of California Los Angeles, CA

Project Title: Rediscovering Natural Chemical Diversity
Grant ID: DP1-GM106413




Doris Ying Tsao

Doris Ying Tsao, Ph.D.

California Institute of Technology, CA

Project Title: Understanding the Circuit for Topological Object Tracking
Grant ID: DP1-NS083063




Lihong Wang

Lihong Wang, Ph.D.

Washington University in St. Louis, MO

Project Title: Photon Tunneling: Shedding New Light on Biomedicine
Grant ID: DP1-EB016986




Ting (C.-ting) Wu

Ting (C.-ting) Wu, Ph.D.

Harvard University (Medical School), MA

Project Title: The Inheritance of Position: It's Not Just Who You Are, It's Where You Are
Grant ID: DP1-GM106412




Gary Yellen

Gary Yellen, Ph.D.

Harvard University, MA

Project Title: Single Cell Analysis of Metabolism Using Genetically- Encoded Fluorescent Sensors
Grant ID: DP1-EB016985




Feng Zhang

Feng Zhang, Ph.D.

Broad Institute, Inc., MA

Project Title: Probing Neuropsychiatric Diseases Using Targeted Epigenome and Genome Engineering
Grant ID: DP1-MH100706




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