Program Snapshot

What Is MoTrPAC? (2 minute video)

An audio-described version of this video is also available.

The MoTrPAC Consortium Summary

The Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (MoTrPAC) aims to uncover at the molecular level how exercise improves and preserves the health of the body’s tissues and organs. By tracking exercise’s impact on biological molecules and creating a molecular map, MoTrPAC will make exercise better understood by researchers and enable clinicians to make more specific recommendations when prescribing exercise to their patients.

To gather the considerable amount of data needed to develop a molecular map of exercise-related changes in the body, MoTrPAC consortium members are:

  • recruiting a diverse array of adult and children volunteers to study at Clinical Sites
  • performing rodent-exercise investigations at Preclinical Animal Study Sites
  • identifying exercise-influenced biological molecules at Chemical Analysis sites
  • coordinating efforts, storing samples, and compiling data in researcher-friendly formats at Consortium Coordinating sites

The MoTrPAC program issued its awards in December of 2016. During the first years of the program, the consortium organized the studies’ methods and other logistics to effectively achieve the overall goal of the program. This included the establishment of clinical standards, data standards, animal study protocols, a data portal for researchers, along with community outreach and recruitment materials and strategies. To date, the program has nearly performed the full suite of planned animal studies and collected tissues for analysis. MoTrPAC clinical sites are currently recruiting participants. Please visit MoTrPAC's site for the latest news and updates regarding the program.


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