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The search results on this publication page are automated on a monthly schedule based on acknowledgement of NIH Common Fund award numbers and intramural awards. Therefore, this list is not an exhaustive or error-free account of the program’s publications.

Title Authors Journal PubMedID Publication Date
Race/ethnicity, gender, and monitoring socioeconomic gradients in health: a comparison of area-based socioeconomic measures--the public health disparities geocoding project. Krieger, Nancy; Chen, Jarvis T; Waterman, Pamela D; Rehkopf, David H; Subramanian, S V American journal of public health. 14534218 2003 Oct;
Painting a truer picture of US socioeconomic and racial/ethnic health inequalities: the Public Health Disparities Geocoding Project. Krieger, Nancy; Chen, Jarvis T; Waterman, Pamela D; Rehkopf, David H; Subramanian, S V American journal of public health 15671470 2005 Feb
Lysine propionylation and butyrylation are novel post-translational modifications in histones. Chen, Yue; Sprung, Robert; Tang, Yi; Ball, Haydn; Sangras, Bhavani; Kim, Sung Chan; Falck, John R; Peng, Junmin; Gu, Wei; Zhao, Yingming Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 17267393 2007 May
Age-at-onset linkage analysis in Caribbean Hispanics with familial late-onset Alzheimer's disease. Lee, Joseph H; Barral, Sandra; Cheng, Rong; Chacon, Inara; Santana, Vincent; Williamson, Jennifer; Lantigua, Rafael; Medrano, Martin; Jimenez-Velazquez, Ivonne Z; Stern, Yaakov; Tycko, Benjamin; Rogaeva, Ekaterina; Wakutani, Yosuke; Kawarai, Toshitaka; St George-Hyslop, Peter; Mayeux, Richard Neurogenetics. 17940814 2008 Feb;
Tubal and ovarian pathways to pelvic epithelial cancer: a pathological perspective. Jarboe, E A; Folkins, A K; Drapkin, R; Ince, T A; Agoston, E S; Crum, C P Histopathology 18298580 2008 Aug
Changes in the distributions and dynamics of polycomb repressive complexes during embryonic stem cell differentiation. Ren, Xiaojun; Vincenz, Claudius; Kerppola, Tom K Molecular and cellular biology 18316406 2008 May
Epigenomic profiling reveals DNA-methylation changes associated with major psychosis. Mill, Jonathan; Tang, Thomas; Kaminsky, Zachary; Khare, Tarang; Yazdanpanah, Simin; Bouchard, Luigi; Jia, Peixin; Assadzadeh, Abbas; Flanagan, James; Schumacher, Axel; Wang, Sun-Chong; Petronis, Arturas American journal of human genetics 18319075 2008 Mar
The role of osteopontin in the development of albuminuria. Lorenzen, Johan; Shah, Rajshree; Biser, Alisha; Staicu, Serban A; Niranjan, Thiruvur; Garcia, Ana Maria; Gruenwald, Antje; Thomas, David B; Shatat, Ibrahim F; Supe, Katarine; Woroniecki, Robert P; Susztak, Katalin Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN. 18443355 2008 May;
Acetylation is indispensable for p53 activation. Tang, Yi; Zhao, Wenhui; Chen, Yue; Zhao, Yingming; Gu, Wei Cell 18485870 2008 May 16
Smad1 as a biomarker for diabetic nephropathy. Kato, Hideki; Si, Han; Hostetter, Thomas; Susztak, Katalin Diabetes. 18511448 2008 Jun;
Identification and verification of lysine propionylation and butyrylation in yeast core histones using PTMap software. Zhang, Kai; Chen, Yue; Zhang, Zhihong; Zhao, Yingming Journal of proteome research 19113941 2009 Feb
Epigenetic changes in Alzheimer's disease: decrements in DNA methylation. Mastroeni, Diego; Grover, Andrew; Delvaux, Elaine; Whiteside, Charisse; Coleman, Paul D; Rogers, Joseph Neurobiology of aging 19117641 2010 Dec
Next is now: new technologies for sequencing of genomes, transcriptomes, and beyond. Lister, Ryan; Gregory, Brian D; Ecker, Joseph R Current opinion in plant biology 19157957 2009 Apr
Seed in soil, with an epigenetic view. Lin, Huey-Jen L; Zuo, Tao; Chao, Jennifer R; Peng, Zhengang; Asamoto, Lisa K; Yamashita, Sonya S; Huang, Tim H-M Biochimica et biophysica acta 19162126 2009 Sep
Human and murine kidneys show gender- and species-specific gene expression differences in response to injury. Si, Han; Banga, Ramandeep S; Kapitsinou, Pinelopi; Ramaiah, Manjunath; Lawrence, Janis; Kambhampati, Ganesh; Gruenwald, Antje; Bottinger, Erwin; Glicklich, Daniel; Tellis, Vivian; Greenstein, Stuart; Thomas, David B; Pullman, James; Fazzari, Melissa; Susztak, Katalin PloS one. 19277126 2009;
The importance of being tyrosine: lessons in molecular recognition from minimalist synthetic binding proteins. Koide, Shohei; Sidhu, Sachdev S ACS chemical biology 19298050 2009 May 15
Targeted bisulfite sequencing reveals changes in DNA methylation associated with nuclear reprogramming. Deng, Jie; Shoemaker, Robert; Xie, Bin; Gore, Athurva; LeProust, Emily M; Antosiewicz-Bourget, Jessica; Egli, Dieter; Maherali, Nimet; Park, In-Hyun; Yu, Junying; Daley, George Q; Eggan, Kevin; Hochedlinger, Konrad; Thomson, James; Wang, Wei; Gao, Yuan; Z Nature biotechnology 19330000 2009 Apr
Mascot-derived false positive peptide identifications revealed by manual analysis of tandem mass spectra. Chen, Yue; Zhang, Junmei; Xing, Gang; Zhao, Yingming Journal of proteome research 19368407 2009 Jun
K12-biotinylated histone H4 is enriched in telomeric repeats from human lung IMR-90 fibroblasts. Wijeratne, Subhashinee S K; Camporeale, Gabriela; Zempleni, Janos The Journal of nutritional biochemistry 19369050 2010 Apr
Epigenetic alterations in the breast: Implications for breast cancer detection, prognosis and treatment. Dworkin, Amy M; Huang, Tim H-M; Toland, Amanda Ewart Seminars in cancer biology 19429480 2009 Jun
The ankyrin repeat domain of Huntingtin interacting protein 14 contains a surface aromatic cage, a potential site for methyl-lysine binding. Gao, Tiyu; Collins, Robert E; Horton, John R; Zhang, Xing; Zhang, Rongguang; Dhayalan, Arunkumar; Tamas, Raluca; Jeltsch, Albert; Cheng, Xiaodong Proteins 19434754 2009 Aug 15
A multicenter, double-blinded validation study of methylation biomarkers for progression prediction in Barrett's esophagus. Jin, Zhe; Cheng, Yulan; Gu, Wen; Zheng, Yingye; Sato, Fumiaki; Mori, Yuriko; Olaru, Alexandru V; Paun, Bogdan C; Yang, Jian; Kan, Takatsugu; Ito, Tetsuo; Hamilton, James P; Selaru, Florin M; Agarwal, Rachana; David, Stefan; Abraham, John M; Wolfsen, Herbe Cancer research 19435894 2009 May 15
High-throughput bisulfite sequencing in mammalian genomes. Smith, Zachary D; Gu, Hongcang; Bock, Christoph; Gnirke, Andreas; Meissner, Alexander Methods (San Diego, Calif.) 19442738 2009 Jul
Engineering of recombinant crystallization chaperones. Koide, Shohei Current opinion in structural biology 19477632 2009 Aug
Intra-tumor heterogeneity of MLH1 promoter methylation revealed by deep single molecule bisulfite sequencing. Varley, Katherine E; Mutch, David G; Edmonston, Tina B; Goodfellow, Paul J; Mitra, Robi D Nucleic acids research 19494183 2009 Aug
Xenoestrogen-induced epigenetic repression of microRNA-9-3 in breast epithelial cells. Hsu, Pei-Yin; Deatherage, Daniel E; Rodriguez, Benjamin A T; Liyanarachchi, Sandya; Weng, Yu-I; Zuo, Tao; Liu, Joseph; Cheng, Alfred S L; Huang, Tim H-M Cancer research 19549897 2009 Jul 15
A noncanonical bromodomain in the AAA ATPase protein Yta7 directs chromosomal positioning and barrier chromatin activity. Gradolatto, Angeline; Smart, Sherri K; Byrum, Stephanie; Blair, Lauren P; Rogers, Richard S; Kolar, Elizabeth A; Lavender, Heather; Larson, Signe K; Aitchison, John D; Taverna, Sean D; Tackett, Alan J Molecular and cellular biology 19581291 2009 Sep
RAG: a recombinase diversified. Matthews, Adam G W; Oettinger, Marjorie A Nature immunology. 19621044 2009 Aug;
Mapping the local protein interactome of the NuA3 histone acetyltransferase. Smart, Sherri K; Mackintosh, Samuel G; Edmondson, Ricky D; Taverna, Sean D; Tackett, Alan J Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society 19621382 2009 Sep
BSMAP: whole genome bisulfite sequence MAPping program. Xi, Yuanxin; Li, Wei BMC bioinformatics 19635165 2009
Structural basis for exquisite specificity of affinity clamps, synthetic binding proteins generated through directed domain-interface evolution. Huang, Jin; Makabe, Koki; Biancalana, Matthew; Koide, Akiko; Koide, Shohei Journal of molecular biology 19646997 2009 Oct 9
Epigenetic events in gastrointestinal cancer. Selaru, Florin M; David, Stefan; Meltzer, Stephen J; Hamilton, James P The American journal of gastroenterology 19661933 2009 Aug
Chromosomal abnormalities and novel disease-related regions in progression from Barrett's esophagus to esophageal adenocarcinoma. Akagi, Tadayuki; Ito, Tetsuo; Kato, Motohiro; Jin, Zhe; Cheng, Yulan; Kan, Takatsugu; Yamamoto, Go; Olaru, Alexandru; Kawamata, Norihiko; Boult, Jessica; Soukiasian, Harmik J; Miller, Carl W; Ogawa, Seishi; Meltzer, Stephen J; Koeffler, H Phillip International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer 19670330 2009 Nov 15
Epigenetic differences in cortical neurons from a pair of monozygotic twins discordant for Alzheimer's disease. Mastroeni, Diego; McKee, Ann; Grover, Andrew; Rogers, Joseph; Coleman, Paul D PloS one 19672297 2009
Generation of new protein functions by nonhomologous combinations and rearrangements of domains and modules. Koide, Shohei Current opinion in biotechnology 19700302 2009 Aug
Global H4 acetylation analysis by ChIP-chip in systemic lupus erythematosus monocytes. Zhang, Z; Song, L; Maurer, K; Petri, M A; Sullivan, K E Genes and immunity 19710693 2010 Mar
Viral-encoded enzymes that target host chromatin functions. Wei H, Zhou MM. Biochim Biophys Acta 19716451 2010 Mar-Apr
Updates to the RMAP short-read mapping software. Smith, Andrew D; Chung, Wen-Yu; Hodges, Emily; Kendall, Jude; Hannon, Greg; Hicks, James; Xuan, Zhenyu; Zhang, Michael Q Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 19736251 2009 Nov 1
Methylated DNA immunoprecipitation and microarray-based analysis: detection of DNA methylation in breast cancer cell lines. Weng, Yu-I; Huang, Tim H-M; Yan, Pearlly S Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 19763503 2009
HRTBLDb: an informative data resource for hormone receptors target binding loci. Kennedy, Brian A; Gao, Wenqing; Huang, Tim H-M; Jin, Victor X Nucleic acids research 19773424 2010 Jan
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition and podocyte loss in diabetic kidney disease. Reidy, Kimberly; Susztak, Katalin American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation 19781451 2009 Oct
Repression of transposable elements by histone biotinylation. Zempleni, Janos; Chew, Yap Ching; Bao, Baolong; Pestinger, Valerie; Wijeratne, Subhashinee S K The Journal of nutrition 19812216 2009 Dec
Human DNA methylomes at base resolution show widespread epigenomic differences. Lister, Ryan; Pelizzola, Mattia; Dowen, Robert H; Hawkins, R David; Hon, Gary; Tonti-Filippini, Julian; Nery, Joseph R; Lee, Leonard; Ye, Zhen; Ngo, Que-Minh; Edsall, Lee; Antosiewicz-Bourget, Jessica; Stewart, Ron; Ruotti, Victor; Millar, A Harvey; Thoms Nature 19829295 2009 Nov 19
Biotin tagging coupled with amino acid-coded mass tagging for efficient and precise screening of interaction proteome in mammalian cells. He, Yu-Fei; Bao, Hui-Min; Xiao, Xiao-Feng; Zuo, Shuai; Du, Ru-Yun; Tang, Si-Wei; Yang, Peng-Yuan; Chen, Xian Proteomics 19834888 2009 Dec
MS/MS/MS reveals false positive identification of histone serine methylation. Zhang, Junmei; Chen, Yue; Zhang, Zhihong; Xing, Gang; Wysocka, Joanna; Zhao, Yingming Journal of proteome research 19877717 2010 Jan
Identification of a functional network of human epigenetic silencing factors. Poleshko, Andrey; Einarson, Margret B; Shalginskikh, Natalia; Zhang, Rugang; Adams, Peter D; Skalka, Anna Marie; Katz, Richard A The Journal of biological chemistry 19880521 2010 Jan 1
A homogeneous method for investigation of methylation-dependent protein-protein interactions in epigenetics. Quinn, Amy M; Bedford, Mark T; Espejo, Alexsandra; Spannhoff, Astrid; Austin, Christopher P; Oppermann, Udo; Simeonov, Anton Nucleic acids research 19897549 2010 Jan
Tubal and ovarian pathways to pelvic epithelial cancer: a pathological perspective. Jarboe, Elke A; Folkins, Ann K; Drapkin, Ronny; Ince, Tan A; Agoston, Elin S; Crum, Christopher P Histopathology 19912369 2009 Nov
A peptide tag system for facile purification and single-molecule immobilization. Huang, Jin; Nagy, Stanislav S; Koide, Akiko; Rock, Ronald S; Koide, Shohei Biochemistry 19928925 2009 Dec 22
Epigenome microarray platform for proteome-wide dissection of chromatin-signaling networks. Bua, Dennis J; Kuo, Alex J; Cheung, Peggie; Liu, Chih Long; Migliori, Valentina; Espejo, Alexsandra; Casadio, Fabio; Bassi, Christian; Amati, Bruno; Bedford, Mark T; Guccione, Ernesto; Gozani, Or PloS one 19956676 2009
Proteomic dissection of cell type-specific H2AX-interacting protein complex associated with hepatocellular carcinoma. Yang, Xiaoli; Zou, Peng; Yao, Jun; Yun, Dong; Bao, Huimin; Du, Ruyun; Long, Jing; Chen, Xian Journal of proteome research 20000738 2010 Mar 5
Epigenetics of neurological cancers. Fouse, Shaun D; Costello, Joseph F Future oncology (London, England). 20001799 2009 Dec;
Enzymatic and structural insights for substrate specificity of a family of jumonji histone lysine demethylases. Horton, John R; Upadhyay, Anup K; Qi, Hank H; Zhang, Xing; Shi, Yang; Cheng, Xiaodong Nature structural & molecular biology 20023638 2010 Jan
Parylene peel-off arrays to probe the role of cell-cell interactions in tumour angiogenesis. Tan CP, Seo BR, Brooks DJ, Chandler EM, Craighead HG, Fischbach C. Integr Biol (Camb) 20023775 2009 Oct
The polypeptide Syn67 interacts physically with human holocarboxylase synthetase, but is not a target for biotinylation. Hassan, Yousef I; Moriyama, Hideaki; Zempleni, Janos Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 20026029 2010 Mar 1
Unrestrictive identification of non-phosphorylation PTMs in yeast kinases by MS and PTMap. Zhang, Kai; Chen, Yue; Zhang, Zhihong; Tao, Shengce; Zhu, Heng; Zhao, Yingming Proteomics 20049863 2010 Mar
Genome-scale DNA methylation mapping of clinical samples at single-nucleotide resolution. Gu, Hongcang; Bock, Christoph; Mikkelsen, Tarjei S; Jager, Natalie; Smith, Zachary D; Tomazou, Eleni; Gnirke, Andreas; Lander, Eric S; Meissner, Alexander Nature methods 20062050 2010 Feb
Jarid2/Jumonji coordinates control of PRC2 enzymatic activity and target gene occupancy in pluripotent cells. Peng, Jamy C; Valouev, Anton; Swigut, Tomek; Zhang, Junmei; Zhao, Yingming; Sidow, Arend; Wysocka, Joanna Cell 20064375 2009 Dec 24
Nanoscale resolution, multicomponent biomolecular arrays generated by aligned printing with parylene peel-off. Tan, Christine P; Cipriany, Benjamin R; Lin, David M; Craighead, Harold G Nano letters 20088589 2010 Feb 10
CHD7 cooperates with PBAF to control multipotent neural crest formation. Bajpai, Ruchi; Chen, Denise A; Rada-Iglesias, Alvaro; Zhang, Junmei; Xiong, Yiqin; Helms, Jill; Chang, Ching-Pin; Zhao, Yingming; Swigut, Tomek; Wysocka, Joanna Nature 20130577 2010 Feb 18
Structure of the MADS-box/MEF2 domain of MEF2A bound to DNA and its implication for myocardin recruitment. Wu Y, Dey R, Han A, Jayathilaka N, Philips M, Ye J, Chen L. J Mol Biol 20132824 2010 Mar 26
Histone H3 Thr 45 phosphorylation is a replication-associated post-translational modification in S. cerevisiae. Baker, Stephen P; Phillips, Jennifer; Anderson, Scott; Qiu, Qifeng; Shabanowitz, Jeffrey; Smith, M Mitchell; Yates 3rd, John R; Hunt, Donald F; Grant, Patrick A Nature cell biology 20139971 2010 Mar
Transcriptome study for early hematopoiesis--achievement, challenge and new opportunity. Wang, San Ming; Zhang, Michael Q Journal of cellular physiology 20143329 2010 Jun
Rational conversion of affinity reagents into label-free sensors for Peptide motifs by designed allostery. Huang, Jin; Koide, Shohei ACS chemical biology 20143785 2010 Mar 19
A case study in cross-talk: the histone lysine methyltransferases G9a and GLP. Collins R, Cheng X. Nucleic Acids Res 20159995 2010 Jun
Single molecule epigenetic analysis in a nanofluidic channel. Cipriany, Benjamin R; Zhao, Ruqian; Murphy, Patrick J; Levy, Stephen L; Tan, Christine P; Craighead, Harold G; Soloway, Paul D Analytical chemistry 20184350 2010 Mar 15
Bioorthogonal chemical reporters for monitoring protein acetylation. Yang, Yu-Ying; Ascano, Janice M; Hang, Howard C Journal of the American Chemical Society 20192265 2010 Mar 24
Coordinated chromatin control: structural and functional linkage of DNA and histone methylation. Cheng X, Blumenthal RM. Biochemistry 20210320 2010 Apr 13
Rapid visualization and large-scale profiling of bacterial lipoproteins with chemical reporters. Rangan, Kavita J; Yang, Yu-Ying; Charron, Guillaume; Hang, Howard C Journal of the American Chemical Society 20230003 2010 Aug 11
DNA methylation profiling using the methylated-CpG island recovery assay (MIRA). Rauch, Tibor A; Pfeifer, Gerd P Methods (San Diego, Calif.) 20304072 2010 Nov
Biotin requirements are lower in human Jurkat lymphoid cells but homeostatic mechanisms are similar to those of HepG2 liver cells. Mall, Gaganpreet Kaur; Chew, Yap Ching; Zempleni, Janos The Journal of nutrition 20357078 2010 Jun
Epigenetic approaches to psychiatric disorders. Ptak, Carolyn; Petronis, Arturas Dialogues in clinical neuroscience 20373664 2010
Allele-specific methylation is prevalent and is contributed by CpG-SNPs in the human genome. Shoemaker, Robert; Deng, Jie; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Kun Genome research 20418490 2010 Jul
Successful computational prediction of novel imprinted genes from epigenomic features. Brideau, Chelsea M; Eilertson, Kirsten E; Hagarman, James A; Bustamante, Carlos D; Soloway, Paul D Molecular and cellular biology 20421412 2010 Jul
HP1: heterochromatin binding proteins working the genome. Zeng, Weihua; Ball Jr, Alexander R; Yokomori, Kyoko Epigenetics : official journal of the DNA Methylation Society 20421743 2010 May 16
Adding a lysine mimic in the design of potent inhibitors of histone lysine methyltransferases. Chang, Yanqi; Ganesh, Thota; Horton, John R; Spannhoff, Astrid; Liu, Jin; Sun, Aiming; Zhang, Xing; Bedford, Mark T; Shinkai, Yoichi; Snyder, James P; Cheng, Xiaodong Journal of molecular biology 20434463 2010 Jul 2
c-Myc regulates transcriptional pause release. Rahl, Peter B; Lin, Charles Y; Seila, Amy C; Flynn, Ryan A; McCuine, Scott; Burge, Christopher B; Sharp, Phillip A; Young, Richard A Cell 20434984 2010 Apr 30
Estrogen-mediated epigenetic repression of large chromosomal regions through DNA looping. Hsu, Pei-Yin; Hsu, Hang-Kai; Singer, Gregory A C; Yan, Pearlly S; Rodriguez, Benjamin A T; Liu, Joseph C; Weng, Yu-I; Deatherage, Daniel E; Chen, Zhong; Pereira, Julia S; Lopez, Ricardo; Russo, Jose; Wang, Qianben; Lamartiniere, Coral A; Nephew, Kenneth P Genome research 20442245 2010 Jun
Distinct epigenomic landscapes of pluripotent and lineage-committed human cells. Hawkins, R David; Hon, Gary C; Lee, Leonard K; Ngo, Queminh; Lister, Ryan; Pelizzola, Mattia; Edsall, Lee E; Kuan, Samantha; Luu, Ying; Klugman, Sarit; Antosiewicz-Bourget, Jessica; Ye, Zhen; Espinoza, Celso; Agarwahl, Saurabh; Shen, Li; Ruotti, Victor; W Cell stem cell 20452322 2010 May 7
Unveiling the vasodilatory actions and mechanisms of relaxin. Conrad, Kirk P Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979) 20497994 2010 Jul
Genome-wide kinetics of nucleosome turnover determined by metabolic labeling of histones. Deal, Roger B; Henikoff, Jorja G; Henikoff, Steven Science (New York, N.Y.) 20508129 2010 May 28
Methods in DNA methylation profiling. Zuo, Tao; Tycko, Benjamin; Liu, Ta-Ming; Lin, Juey-Jen L; Huang, Tim H-M Epigenomics 20526417 2009 Dec
Next-generation genomics: an integrative approach. Hawkins, R David; Hon, Gary C; Ren, Bing Nature reviews. Genetics 20531367 2010 Jul
Epigenetics as a unifying principle in the aetiology of complex traits and diseases. Petronis, Arturas Nature 20535201 2010 Jun 10
Hormonal influences on cognition and risk for Alzheimer's disease. Janicki, Sarah C; Schupf, Nicole Current neurology and neuroscience reports 20535591 2010 Sep
Molecular interplay of the noncoding RNA ANRIL and methylated histone H3 lysine 27 by polycomb CBX7 in transcriptional silencing of INK4a. Yap KL, Li S, Muñoz-Cabello AM, Raguz S, Zeng L, Mujtaba S, Gil J, Walsh MJ, Zhou MM. Mol Cell 20541999 2010 Jun 11
The Dnmt3a PWWP domain reads histone 3 lysine 36 trimethylation and guides DNA methylation. Dhayalan A, Rajavelu A, Rathert P, Tamas R, Jurkowska RZ, Ragozin S, Jeltsch A. J Biol Chem 20547484 2010 Aug 20
The roles of PARP1 in gene control and cell differentiation. Ji, Yingbiao; Tulin, Alexei V Current opinion in genetics & development 20591646 2010 Oct
Biotin regulates the expression of holocarboxylase synthetase in the miR-539 pathway in HEK-293 cells. Bao, Baolong; Rodriguez-Melendez, Rocio; Wijeratne, Subhashinee S K; Zempleni, Janos The Journal of nutrition 20592104 2010 Sep
Palmitoylome profiling reveals S-palmitoylation-dependent antiviral activity of IFITM3. Yount, Jacob S; Moltedo, Bruno; Yang, Yu-Ying; Charron, Guillaume; Moran, Thomas M; Lopez, Carolina B; Hang, Howard C Nature chemical biology 20601941 2010 Aug
Chromatin remodeling in mammary gland differentiation and breast tumorigenesis. Huang, Tim H-M; Esteller, Manel Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology 20610549 2010 Sep
Conserved role of intragenic DNA methylation in regulating alternative promoters. Maunakea, Alika K; Nagarajan, Raman P; Bilenky, Mikhail; Ballinger, Tracy J; D'Souza, Cletus; Fouse, Shaun D; Johnson, Brett E; Hong, Chibo; Nielsen, Cydney; Zhao, Yongjun; Turecki, Gustavo; Delaney, Allen; Varhol, Richard; Thiessen, Nina; Shchors, Ksenya; Heine, Vivi M; Rowitch, David H; Xing, Xiaoyun; Fiore, Chris; Schillebeeckx, Maximiliaan; Jones, Steven J M; Haussler, David; Marra, Marco A; Hirst, Martin; Wang, Ting; Costello, Joseph F Nature. 20613842 2010 Jul 8;
Protein lysine methyltransferase G9a inhibitors: design, synthesis, and structure activity relationships of 2,4-diamino-7-aminoalkoxy-quinazolines. Liu F, Chen X, Allali-Hassani A, Quinn AM, Wigle TJ, Wasney GA, Dong A, Senisterra G, Chau I, Siarheyeva A, Norris JL, Kireev DB, Jadhav A, Herold JM, Janzen WP, Arrowsmith CH, Frye SV, Brown PJ, Simeonov A, Vedadi M, Jin J. J Med Chem 20614940 2010 Aug 12
Genome-wide chromatin maps derived from limited numbers of hematopoietic progenitors. Adli, Mazhar; Zhu, Jiang; Bernstein, Bradley E Nature methods 20622861 2010 Aug
Cytokine-induced monocyte characteristics in SLE. Zhang, Zhe; Maurer, Kelly; Perin, Juan C; Song, Li; Sullivan, Kathleen E Journal of biomedicine & biotechnology 20625490 2010
Bisulfite Patch PCR enables multiplexed sequencing of promoter methylation across cancer samples. Varley, Katherine Elena; Mitra, Robi David Genome research 20627893 2010 Sep
Histone deacetylase inhibitor, MS-275, exhibits poor brain penetration: PK studies of [C]MS-275 using Positron Emission Tomography. Hooker, Jacob M; Kim, Sung Won; Alexoff, David; Xu, Youwen; Shea, Colleen; Reid, Alicia; Volkow, Nora; Fowler, Joanna S ACS chemical neuroscience 20657706 2010
Accessing protein methyltransferase and demethylase enzymology using microfluidic capillary electrophoresis. Wigle TJ, Provencher LM, Norris JL, Jin J, Brown PJ, Frye SV, Janzen WP. Chem Biol 20659682 2010 Jul 30
Epigenetic influences of low-dose bisphenol A in primary human breast epithelial cells. Weng, Yu-I; Hsu, Pei-Yin; Liyanarachchi, Sandya; Liu, Joseph; Deatherage, Daniel E; Huang, Yi-Wen; Zuo, Tao; Rodriguez, Benjamin; Lin, Ching-Hung; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Huang, Tim H-M Toxicology and applied pharmacology 20678512 2010 Oct 15
Actin-myosin contractility is responsible for the reduced viability of dissociated human embryonic stem cells. Chen, Guokai; Hou, Zhonggang; Gulbranson, Daniel R; Thomson, James A Cell stem cell 20682449 2010 Aug 6
Chromatin structure and gene expression programs of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells. Guenther, Matthew G; Frampton, Garrett M; Soldner, Frank; Hockemeyer, Dirk; Mitalipova, Maya; Jaenisch, Rudolf; Young, Richard A Cell stem cell 20682450 2010 Aug 6
SILAC-based quantitative proteomic approach to identify potential biomarkers from the esophageal squamous cell carcinoma secretome. Kashyap, Manoj Kumar; Harsha, H C; Renuse, Santosh; Pawar, Harsh; Sahasrabuddhe, Nandini A; Kim, Min-Sik; Marimuthu, Arivusudar; Keerthikumar, Shivakumar; Muthusamy, Babylakshmi; Kandasamy, Kumaran; Subbannayya, Yashwanth; Prasad, Thottethodi Subrahmanya Cancer biology & therapy 20686364 2010 Oct 15
Holocarboxylase synthetase is a chromatin protein and interacts directly with histone H3 to mediate biotinylation of K9 and K18. Bao, Baolong; Pestinger, Valerie; Hassan, Yousef I; Borgstahl, Gloria E O; Kolar, Carol; Zempleni, Janos The Journal of nutritional biochemistry 20688500 2011 May
Novel histone biotinylation marks are enriched in repeat regions and participate in repression of transcriptionally competent genes. Pestinger, Valerie; Wijeratne, Subhashinee S K; Rodriguez-Melendez, Rocio; Zempleni, Janos The Journal of nutritional biochemistry 20691578 2011 Apr
Predicting conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease using neuropsychological tests and multivariate methods. Chapman, Robert M; Mapstone, Mark; McCrary, John W; Gardner, Margaret N; Porsteinsson, Anton; Sandoval, Tiffany C; Guillily, Maria D; Degrush, Elizabeth; Reilly, Lindsey A Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology 20711906 2011 Feb
Change in risk of Alzheimer disease over time. Hebert, L E; Bienias, J L; Aggarwal, N T; Wilson, R S; Bennett, D A; Shah, R C; Evans, D A Neurology 20805524 2010 Aug 31
The first global screening of protein substrates bearing protein-bound 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine in Escherichia coli and human mitochondria. Lee, Sangkyu; Chen, Yue; Luo, Hao; Wu, Andrew A; Wilde, Michael; Schumacker, Paul T; Zhao, Yingming Journal of proteome research 20818827 2010 Nov 5
Quantitative comparison of genome-wide DNA methylation mapping technologies. Bock, Christoph; Tomazou, Eleni M; Brinkman, Arie B; Muller, Fabian; Simmer, Femke; Gu, Hongcang; Jager, Natalie; Gnirke, Andreas; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G; Meissner, Alexander Nature biotechnology 20852634 2010 Oct
Comparison of sequencing-based methods to profile DNA methylation and identification of monoallelic epigenetic modifications. Harris, R Alan; Wang, Ting; Coarfa, Cristian; Nagarajan, Raman P; Hong, Chibo; Downey, Sara L; Johnson, Brett E; Fouse, Shaun D; Delaney, Allen; Zhao, Yongjun; Olshen, Adam; Ballinger, Tracy; Zhou, Xin; Forsberg, Kevin J; Gu, Junchen; Echipare, Lorigail; Nature biotechnology 20852635 2010 Oct
Allele-specific DNA methylation: beyond imprinting. Tycko, Benjamin Human molecular genetics 20855472 2010 Oct 15
Keeping it in the family: diverse histone recognition by conserved structural folds. Yap KL, Zhou MM. Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol 20923397 2010 Dec
Genome-wide DNA methylation maps in follicular lymphoma cells determined by methylation-enriched bisulfite sequencing. Choi, Jeong-Hyeon; Li, Yajun; Guo, Juyuan; Pei, Lirong; Rauch, Tibor A; Kramer, Robin S; Macmil, Simone L; Wiley, Graham B; Bennett, Lynda B; Schnabel, Jennifer L; Taylor, Kristen H; Kim, Sun; Xu, Dong; Sreekumar, Arun; Pfeifer, Gerd P; Roe, Bruce A; Cald PloS one 20927367 2010
Identification of non-peptide malignant brain tumor (MBT) repeat antagonists by virtual screening of commercially available compounds. Kireev D, Wigle TJ, Norris-Drouin J, Herold JM, Janzen WP, Frye SV. J Med Chem 20931980 2010 Nov 11
Dimerization of a viral SET protein endows its function. Wei H, Zhou MM. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 20937900 2010 Oct 26
The NIH Roadmap Epigenomics Mapping Consortium. Bernstein BE, Stamatoyannopoulos JA, Costello JF, Ren B, Milosavljevic A, Meissner A, Kellis M, Marra MA, Beaudet AL, Ecker JR, Farnham PJ, Hirst M, Lander ES, Mikkelsen TS, Thomson JA. Nat Biotechnol 20944595 2010 Oct
Putting epigenome comparison into practice. Milosavljevic A. Nat Biotechnol 20944597 2010 Oct
Epigenetic modifications in pluripotent and differentiated cells. Meissner, Alexander Nature biotechnology 20944600 2010 Oct
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Modeling of mitochondrial genetic polymorphisms reveals induction of heteroplasmy by pleiotropic disease locus 10398A>G. Smullen, Molly; Olson, Meagan N; Murray, Liam F; Suresh, Madhusoodhanan; Yan, Guang; Dawes, Pepper; Barton, Nathaniel J; Mason, Jivanna N; Zhang, Yucheng; Fernandez-Fontaine, Aria A; Church, George M; Mastroeni, Diego; Wang, Qi; Lim, Elaine T; Chan, Yingleong; Readhead, Benjamin Scientific reports 37369829 2023 Jun 27
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Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Epigenomes Exhibit Altered DNA Methylation in Smokers and Never-smokers. Karlow, Jennifer A; Pehrsson, Erica C; Xing, Xiaoyun; Watson, Mark; Devarakonda, Siddhartha; Govindan, Ramaswamy; Wang, Ting Genomics, proteomics & bioinformatics 37742993 2023 Oct
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Combing Genome-Wide Association Studies and Single-Cell Analysis to Elucidate the Mechanisms of Kidney Disease: Proceedings of the Henry Shavelle Professorship. Levinsohn, Jonathan; Li, Shen; Ha, Eunji; Susztak, Katalin Glomerular diseases 38033715 2023
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Downregulation of Dickkopf-3, a Wnt antagonist elevated in Alzheimer's disease, restores synapse integrity and memory in a disease mouse model. Martin Flores, Nuria; Podpolny, Marina; McLeod, Faye; Workman, Isaac; Crawford, Karen; Ivanov, Dobril; Leonenko, Ganna; Escott-Price, Valentina; Salinas, Patricia C eLife 38285009 2024 Jan 29
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