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The search results on this publication page are automated on a monthly schedule based on acknowledgement of NIH Common Fund award numbers and intramural awards. Therefore, this list is not an exhaustive or error-free account of the program’s publications.

Title Authors Journal PubMedID Publication Date
Molecular mechanisms of experience-dependent plasticity in visual cortex. Tropea, Daniela; Van Wart, Audra; Sur, Mriganka Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences 18977729 2009 Feb 12
Distinction between two populations of islet-1-positive cells in hearts of different murine strains. Khattar, Patricia; Friedrich, Felix W; Bonne, Gisèle; Carrier, Lucie; Eschenhagen, Thomas; Evans, Sylvia M; Schwartz, Ketty; Fiszman, Marc Y; Vilquin, Jean-Thomas Stem cells and development. 20942609 2011 06;
TACE/ADAM-17 phosphorylation by PKC-epsilon mediates premalignant changes in tobacco smoke-exposed lung cells. Lemjabbar-Alaoui, Hassan; Sidhu, Sukhvinder S; Mengistab, Aklilu; Gallup, Marianne; Basbaum, Carol PloS one. 21423656 2011 Mar 15;
The metabolome of induced pluripotent stem cells reveals metabolic changes occurring in somatic cell reprogramming. Panopoulos, Athanasia D; Yanes, Oscar; Ruiz, Sergio; Kida, Yasuyuki S; Diep, Dinh; Tautenhahn, Ralf; Herrerias, Aida; Batchelder, Erika M; Plongthongkum, Nongluk; Lutz, Margaret; Berggren, W Travis; Zhang, Kun; Evans, Ronald M; Siuzdak, Gary; Izpisua Belm Cell research. 22064701 2012 Jan;
Cut and paste: restoring cellular function by gene correction. Liu, Guang-Hui; Sancho-Martinez, Ignacio; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos Cell research. 22143565 2012 Feb;
Genome sequence of a serotype b non-JP2 aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans strain, ANH9381, from a periodontally healthy individual. Chen, Casey; Kittichotirat, Weerayuth; Chen, Weizhen; Downey, Jennifer S; Bumgarner, Roger Journal of bacteriology 22408240 2012 Apr
Single-cell systems biology by super-resolution imaging and combinatorial labeling. Lubeck, Eric; Cai, Long Nature methods 22660740 2012 Jul
Elimination of dendritic spines with long-term memory is specific to active circuits. Sanders, Jeff; Cowansage, Kiriana; Baumgartel, Karsten; Mayford, Mark The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 22956846 2012 Sep 5
The dawn of angiogenesis modeling: regenerating vasculature from human pluripotent stem cells. Yi, Fei; Qu, Jing; Liu, Guang-Hui; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos Cell research. 22964710 2013 Jan;
Red-shifted fluorescent proteins monitor enzymatic activity in live HT-1080 cells with fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM). Eichorst, J P; Clegg, R M; Wang, Y Journal of microscopy 22971220 2012 Oct
Identification of a specific reprogramming-associated epigenetic signature in human induced pluripotent stem cells. Ruiz, Sergio; Diep, Dinh; Gore, Athurva; Panopoulos, Athanasia D; Montserrat, Nuria; Plongthongkum, Nongluk; Kumar, Sachin; Fung, Ho-Lim; Giorgetti, Alessandra; Bilic, Josipa; Batchelder, Erika M; Zaehres, Holm; Kan, Natalia G; Schöler, Hans Robert; Mercola, Mark; Zhang, Kun; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 22991473 2012 Oct 02;
Single-cell characterization of autotransporter-mediated Escherichia coli surface display of disulfide bond-containing proteins. Ramesh, Balakrishnan; Sendra, Victor G; Cirino, Patrick C; Varadarajan, Navin The Journal of biological chemistry. 23019324 2012 Nov 9;
Generation of a drug-inducible reporter system to study cell reprogramming in human cells. Ruiz, Sergio; Panopoulos, Athanasia D; Montserrat, Nuria; Multon, Marie-Christine; Daury, Aurelie; Rocher, Corinne; Spanakis, Emmanuel; Batchelder, Erika M; Orsini, Cecile; Deleuze, Jean-Francois; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos The Journal of biological chemistry. 23019325 2012 Nov 23;
Characterization of the effects of an rpoC mutation that confers resistance to the Fst peptide toxin-antitoxin system toxin. Brinkman, Cassandra L; Bumgarner, Roger; Kittichotirat, Weerayuth; Dunman, Paul M; Kuechenmeister, Lisa J; Weaver, Keith E Journal of bacteriology 23104812 2013 Jan
Evolutionary conservation of Nkx2.5 autoregulation in the second heart field. Clark, Christopher D; Zhang, Boding; Lee, Benjamin; Evans, Samuel I; Lassar, Andrew B; Lee, Kyu-Ho Developmental biology. 23165293 2013 Feb 01;
Beating in a dish: new hopes for cardiomyocyte regeneration. Gu, Ying; Yi, Fei; Liu, Guang-Hui; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos Cell research. 23184058 2013 Mar;
Comparative genomic hybridization and transcriptome analysis with a pan-genome microarray reveal distinctions between JP2 and non-JP2 genotypes of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans. Huang, Y; Kittichotirat, W; Mayer, M P A; Hall, R; Bumgarner, R; Chen, C Molecular oral microbiology 23194436 2013 Feb
Cellular barcodes for efficiently profiling single-cell secretory responses by microengraving. Yamanaka, Yvonne J; Szeto, Gregory L; Gierahn, Todd M; Forcier, Talitha L; Benedict, Kelly F; Brefo, Mavis S N; Lauffenburger, Douglas A; Irvine, Darrell J; Love, J Christopher Analytical chemistry 23205933 2012 Dec 18
FRET imaging of calcium signaling in live cells in the microenvironment. Qian, Tongcheng; Lu, Shaoying; Ma, Hongwei; Fang, Jing; Zhong, Wenxuan; Wang, Yingxiao Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences from nano to macro 23250282 2013 Jan 28
Focal adhesion size uniquely predicts cell migration. Kim, Dong-Hwee; Wirtz, Denis FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 23254340 2013 Apr
Single-cell and population NF-ýýB dynamic responses depend on lipopolysaccharide preparation. Gutschow, Miriam V; Hughey, Jacob J; Ruggero, Nicholas A; Bajar, Bryce T; Valle, Sean D; Covert, Markus W PloS one 23301045 2013
Functional interplay between the cell cycle and cell phenotypes. Chen, Wei-Chiang; Wu, Pei-Hsun; Phillip, Jude M; Khatau, Shyam B; Choi, Jae Min; Dallas, Matthew R; Konstantopoulos, Konstantinos; Sun, Sean X; Lee, Jerry S H; Hodzic, Didier; Wirtz, Denis Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences from nano to macro 23319145 2013 Mar
High-throughput secretomic analysis of single cells to assess functional cellular heterogeneity. Lu, Yao; Chen, Jonathan J; Mu, Luye; Xue, Qiong; Wu, Yu; Wu, Pei-Hsun; Li, Jie; Vortmeyer, Alexander O; Miller-Jensen, Kathryn; Wirtz, Denis; Fan, Rong Analytical chemistry 23339603 2013 Feb 19
Analysis of protein-coding mutations in hiPSCs and their possible role during somatic cell reprogramming. Ruiz, Sergio; Gore, Athurva; Li, Zhe; Panopoulos, Athanasia D; Montserrat, Nuria; Fung, Ho-Lim; Giorgetti, Alessandra; Bilic, Josipa; Batchelder, Erika M; Zaehres, Holm; Scholer, Hans R; Zhang, Kun; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos Nature communications. 23340422 2013;
Thymosin *4 is not required for embryonic viability or vascular development. Banerjee, Indroneal; Moore Morris, Thomas; Evans, Sylvia M; Chen, Ju Circulation research. 23371905 2013 Feb 1;
Quantitative high-throughput single-cell cytotoxicity assay for T cells. Liadi, Ivan; Roszik, Jason; Romain, Gabrielle; Cooper, Laurence J N; Varadarajan, Navin Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE 23407457 2013
Dimensional control of cancer cell migration. Konstantopoulos, Konstantinos; Wu, Pei-Hsun; Wirtz, Denis Biophysical journal 23442847 2013 Jan 22
The antagonistic roles of PDGF and integrin ýývýý3 in regulating ROS production at focal adhesions. Lin, Li-Jung; Grimme, Jill M; Sun, Jie; Lu, Shaoying; Gai, Lisa; Cropek, Donald M; Wang, Yingxiao Biomaterials 23465490 2013 May
Nanotools for neuroscience and brain activity mapping. Alivisatos, A Paul; Andrews, Anne M; Boyden, Edward S; Chun, Miyoung; Church, George M; Deisseroth, Karl; Donoghue, John P; Fraser, Scott E; Lippincott-Schwartz, Jennifer; Looger, Loren L; Masmanidis, Sotiris; McEuen, Paul L; Nurmikko, Arto V; Park, Hongk ACS nano 23514423 2013 Mar 26
Interstitial friction greatly impacts membrane mechanics. Wirtz, Denis Biophysical journal 23528079 2013 Mar 19
Simultaneously defining cell phenotypes, cell cycle, and chromatin modifications at single-cell resolution. Chambliss, Allison B; Wu, Pei-Hsun; Chen, Wei-Chiang; Sun, Sean X; Wirtz, Denis FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 23538711 2013 Jul
Variation in the dorsal gradient distribution is a source for modified scaling of germ layers in Drosophila. Chahda, Juan Sebastian; Sousa-Neves, Rui; Mizutani, Claudia Mieko Current biology : CB 23583556 2013 Apr 22
Mechanotransduction at focal adhesions: from physiology to cancer development. Seong, Jihye; Wang, Ning; Wang, Yingxiao Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 23601032 2013 May
Epigenomic analysis of multilineage differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. Xie, Wei; Schultz, Matthew D; Lister, Ryan; Hou, Zhonggang; Rajagopal, Nisha; Ray, Pradipta; Whitaker, John W; Tian, Shulan; Hawkins, R David; Leung, Danny; Yang, Hongbo; Wang, Tao; Lee, Ah Young; Swanson, Scott A; Zhang, Jiuchun; Zhu, Yun; Kim, Audrey; N Cell 23664764 2013 May 23
Single-cell transcriptomics for drug target discovery. Spaethling, Jennifer M; Eberwine, James H Current opinion in pharmacology. 23725882 2013 Oct;
Manufacture of clinical-grade CD19-specific T cells stably expressing chimeric antigen receptor using Sleeping Beauty system and artificial antigen presenting cells. Singh, Harjeet; Figliola, Matthew J; Dawson, Margaret J; Olivares, Simon; Zhang, Ling; Yang, Ge; Maiti, Sourindra; Manuri, Pallavi; Senyukov, Vladimir; Jena, Bipulendu; Kebriaei, Partow; Champlin, Richard E; Huls, Helen; Cooper, Laurence J N PloS one 23741305 2013
HCN4 dynamically marks the first heart field and conduction system precursors. Liang, Xingqun; Wang, Gang; Lin, Lizhu; Lowe, Jennifer; Zhang, Qingquan; Bu, Lei; Chen, Yihan; Chen, Ju; Sun, Yunfu; Evans, Sylvia M Circulation research 23743334 2013 Aug 2
Antagonism between binding site affinity and conformational dynamics tunes alternative cis-interactions within Shp2. Sun, Jie; Lu, Shaoying; Ouyang, Mingxing; Lin, Li-Jung; Zhuo, Yue; Liu, Bo; Chien, Shu; Neel, Benjamin G; Wang, Yingxiao Nature communications 23792876 2013 Jun 24
Detection and isolation of auto-reactive human antibodies from primary B cells. Sendra, Victor G; Lie, Anthony; Romain, Gabrielle; Agarwal, Sandeep K; Varadarajan, Navin Methods (San Diego, Calif.) 23811296 2013 Jun 26
In vivo robotics: the automation of neuroscience and other intact-system biological fields. Kodandaramaiah, Suhasa B; Boyden, Edward S; Forest, Craig R Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 23841584 2013 Jul 10
Systematic quantification of developmental phenotypes at single-cell resolution during embryogenesis. Moore, Julia L; Du, Zhuo; Bao, Zhirong Development (Cambridge, England) 23861063 2013 Aug
Developmental biology. Enhancing pluripotency and lineage specification. Xie, Wei; Ren, Bing Science (New York, N.Y.) 23869010 2013 Jul 19
Coordination of heart and lung co-development by a multipotent cardiopulmonary progenitor. Peng, Tien; Tian, Ying; Boogerd, Cornelis J; Lu, Min Min; Kadzik, Rachel S; Stewart, Kathleen M; Evans, Sylvia M; Morrisey, Edward E Nature 23873040 2013 Aug 29
Statistical analysis of molecular signal recording. Glaser, Joshua I; Zamft, Bradley M; Marblestone, Adam H; Moffitt, Jeffrey R; Tyo, Keith; Boyden, Edward S; Church, George; Kording, Konrad P PLoS computational biology 23874187 2013 Jul
Single cell spectroscopy: Noninvasive measures of small-scale structure and function. Mousoulis, Charilaos; Xu, Xin; Reiter, David A; Neu, Corey P Methods (San Diego, Calif.) 23886910 2013 Jul 22
Genetic analysis of mate discrimination in Drosophila simulans. Chu, Y; Yang, E; Schinaman, J M; Chahda, J S; Sousa-Neves, R Evolution; international journal of organic evolution 23888855 2013 Aug
Efficient generation of human iPSCs by a synthetic self-replicative RNA. Yoshioka, Naohisa; Gros, Edwige; Li, Hai-Ri; Kumar, Shantanu; Deacon, Dekker C; Maron, Cornelia; Muotri, Alysson R; Chi, Neil C; Fu, Xiang-Dong; Yu, Benjamin D; Dowdy, Steven F Cell stem cell. 23910086 2013 Aug 1;
Synchronous recruitment of epigenetic modifiers to endotoxin synergistically activated Tnf-? gene in acute kidney injury. Bomsztyk, Karol; Flanagin, Steve; Mar, Daniel; Mikula, Michal; Johnson, Ali; Zager, Richard; Denisenko, Oleg PloS one. 23936185 2013;
FGF signaling regulates Wnt ligand expression to control vulval cell lineage polarity in C. elegans. Minor, Paul J; He, Ting-Fang; Sohn, Chang Ho; Asthagiri, Anand R; Sternberg, Paul W Development (Cambridge, England) 23946444 2013 Sep
BreakTrans: uncovering the genomic architecture of gene fusions. Chen, Ken; Navin, Nicholas E; Wang, Yong; Schmidt, Heather K; Wallis, John W; Niu, Beifang; Fan, Xian; Zhao, Hao; McLellan, Michael D; Hoadley, Katherine A; Mardis, Elaine R; Ley, Timothy J; Perou, Charles M; Wilson, Richard K; Ding, Li Genome biology. 23972288 2013;
Morphological effects on expression of growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF15), a marker of metastasis. Aw Yong, Koh Meng; Zeng, Yu; Vindivich, Donald; Phillip, Jude M; Wu, Pei-Hsun; Wirtz, Denis; Getzenberg, Robert H Journal of cellular physiology. 23996089 2014 Mar;
Epigenetic alterations in acute kidney injury. Bomsztyk, Karol; Denisenko, Oleg Seminars in nephrology 24011575 2013 Jul
Tracking immune cells in vivo using magnetic resonance imaging. Ahrens, Eric T; Bulte, Jeff W M Nature reviews. Immunology 24013185 2013 10
Barriers to transmission of transcriptional noise in a c-fos c-jun pathway. Shah, Khyati; Tyagi, Sanjay Molecular systems biology 24022005 2013
Genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors for live-cell imaging of MT1-MMP protease activity. Ouyang, Mingxing; Lu, Shaoying; Wang, Yingxiao Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.). 24052388 2014;
Spatially isotropic four-dimensional imaging with dual-view plane illumination microscopy. Wu, Yicong; Wawrzusin, Peter; Senseney, Justin; Fischer, Robert S; Christensen, Ryan; Santella, Anthony; York, Andrew G; Winter, Peter W; Waterman, Clare M; Bao, Zhirong; Colon-Ramos, Daniel A; McAuliffe, Matthew; Shroff, Hari Nature biotechnology 24108093 2013 Nov
Connexin defects underlie arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy in a novel mouse model. Lyon, Robert C; Mezzano, Valeria; Wright, Adam T; Pfeiffer, Emily; Chuang, Joyce; Banares, Katherine; Castaneda, Allan; Ouyang, Kunfu; Cui, Li; Contu, Riccardo; Gu, Yusu; Evans, Sylvia M; Omens, Jeffrey H; Peterson, Kirk L; McCulloch, Andrew D; Sheikh, Fa Human molecular genetics. 24108106 2014 Mar 1;
Human heart rate: heritability of resting and stress values in twin pairs, and influence of genetic variation in the adrenergic pathway at a microribonucleic acid (microrna) motif in the 3'-UTR of cytochrome b561 [corrected]. Zhang, Kuixing; Deacon, Dekker C; Rao, Fangwen; Schork, Andrew J; Fung, Maple M; Waalen, Jill; Schork, Nicholas J; Nievergelt, Caroline M; Chi, Neil C; O'Connor, Daniel T Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 24140660 2014 Feb 4;
PIWI proteins are essential for early Drosophila embryogenesis. Mani, Sneha Ramesh; Megosh, Heather; Lin, Haifan Developmental biology 24184635 2013 Oct 31
Massively parallel polymerase cloning and genome sequencing of single cells using nanoliter microwells. Gole, Jeff; Gore, Athurva; Richards, Andrew; Chiu, Yu-Jui; Fung, Ho-Lim; Bushman, Diane; Chiang, Hsin-I; Chun, Jerold; Lo, Yu-Hwa; Zhang, Kun Nature biotechnology 24213699 2013 Dec
Distinct biophysical mechanisms of focal adhesion kinase mechanoactivation by different extracellular matrix proteins. Seong, Jihye; Tajik, Arash; Sun, Jie; Guan, Jun-Lin; Humphries, Martin J; Craig, Susan E; Shekaran, Asha; Garcia, Andres J; Lu, Shaoying; Lin, Michael Z; Wang, Ning; Wang, Yingxiao Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 24222685 2013 Nov 26
Hypoxia-inducible factors mediate coordinated RhoA-ROCK1 expression and signaling in breast cancer cells. Gilkes, Daniele M; Xiang, Lisha; Lee, Sun Joo; Chaturvedi, Pallavi; Hubbi, Maimon E; Wirtz, Denis; Semenza, Gregg L Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 24324133 2014 Jan 21;
pH dependent transfer of nano-pores into membrane of cancer cells to induce apoptosis. Wijesinghe, Dayanjali; Arachchige, Mohan C M; Lu, Andrew; Reshetnyak, Yana K; Andreev, Oleg A Scientific reports 24356337 2013
A cut above the rest: targeted genome editing technologies in human pluripotent stem cells. Li, Mo; Suzuki, Keiichiro; Kim, Na Young; Liu, Guang-Hui; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos The Journal of biological chemistry. 24362028 2014 Feb 21;
The role of mechanical tension on lipid raft dependent PDGF-induced TRPC6 activation. Lei, Lei; Lu, Shaoying; Wang, Yi; Kim, Taejin; Mehta, Dolly; Wang, Yingxiao Biomaterials 24397990 2014 Mar
Transcriptome in vivo analysis (TIVA) of spatially defined single cells in live tissue. Lovatt, Ditte; Ruble, Brittani K; Lee, Jaehee; Dueck, Hannah; Kim, Tae Kyung; Fisher, Stephen; Francis, Chantal; Spaethling, Jennifer M; Wolf, John A; Grady, M Sean; Ulyanova, Alexandra V; Yeldell, Sean B; Griepenburg, Julianne C; Buckley, Peter T; Kim, J Nature methods 24412976 2014 Feb
Crossword: A Fully Automated Algorithm for the Segmentation and Quality Control of Protein Microarray Images. Gierahn, Todd M; Loginov, Denis; Love, J Christopher Journal of proteome research 24417579 2014 Jan 24
De novo inference of systems-level mechanistic models of development from live-imaging-based phenotype analysis. Du, Zhuo; Santella, Anthony; He, Fei; Tiongson, Michael; Bao, Zhirong Cell 24439388 2014 Jan 16
Single-cell technologies for monitoring immune systems. Chattopadhyay, Pratip K; Gierahn, Todd M; Roederer, Mario; Love, J Christopher Nature immunology 24448570 2014 Feb
Global DNA methylation and transcriptional analyses of human ESC-derived cardiomyocytes. Gu, Ying; Liu, Guang-Hui; Plongthongkum, Nongluk; Benner, Christopher; Yi, Fei; Qu, Jing; Suzuki, Keiichiro; Yang, Jiping; Zhang, Weiqi; Li, Mo; Montserrat, Nuria; Crespo, Isaac; Del Sol, Antonio; Esteban, Concepcion Rodriguez; Zhang, Kun; Izpisua Belmont Protein & cell. 24474197 2014 Jan;
Probing Endoplasmic Reticulum Dynamics using Fluorescence Imaging and Photobleaching Techniques. Costantini, Lindsey; Snapp, Erik Current protocols in cell biology / editorial board, Juan S. Bonifacino ... [et al.] 24510787 2013
Tumor evolution in response to chemotherapy: phenotype versus genotype. Navin, Nicholas E Cell reports 24529750 2014 Feb 13
A markerless protocol for genetic analysis of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans. Cheng, Ya-An; Jee, Jason; Hsu, Genie; Huang, Yanyan; Chen, Casey; Lin, Chun-Pin Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi 24530245 2014 Feb
The cytolethal distending toxin of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans inhibits macrophage phagocytosis and subverts cytokine production. Ando-Suguimoto, Ellen Sayuri; da Silva, Maike Paulino; Kawamoto, Dione; Chen, Casey; DiRienzo, Joseph M; Mayer, Marcia Pinto Alves Cytokine 24548424 2014 Mar
Nuclear envelope in nuclear positioning and cell migration. Razafsky, David; Wirtz, Denis; Hodzic, Didier Advances in experimental medicine and biology. 24563361 2014;
Highly multiplexed subcellular RNA sequencing in situ. Lee, Je Hyuk; Daugharthy, Evan R; Scheiman, Jonathan; Kalhor, Reza; Yang, Joyce L; Ferrante, Thomas C; Terry, Richard; Jeanty, Sauveur S F; Li, Chao; Amamoto, Ryoji; Peters, Derek T; Turczyk, Brian M; Marblestone, Adam H; Inverso, Samuel A; Bernard, Amy; Science (New York, N.Y.) 24578530 2014 Mar 21
Targeted ablation of nesprin 1 and nesprin 2 from murine myocardium results in cardiomyopathy, altered nuclear morphology and inhibition of the biomechanical gene response. Banerjee, Indroneal; Zhang, Jianlin; Moore-Morris, Thomas; Pfeiffer, Emily; Buchholz, Kyle S; Liu, Ao; Ouyang, Kunfu; Stroud, Matthew J; Gerace, Larry; Evans, Sylvia M; McCulloch, Andrew; Chen, Ju PLoS genetics. 24586179 2014 Feb;
Three-dimensional cell migration does not follow a random walk. Wu, Pei-Hsun; Giri, Anjil; Sun, Sean X; Wirtz, Denis Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 24594603 2014 Mar 18
Tight coupling between nucleus and cell migration through the perinuclear actin cap. Kim, Dong-Hwee; Cho, Sangkyun; Wirtz, Denis Journal of cell science 24639463 2014 Jun 1
Fusion FISH imaging: single-molecule detection of gene fusion transcripts in situ. Markey, Fatu Badiane; Ruezinsky, William; Tyagi, Sanjay; Batish, Mona PloS one 24675777 2014
Single-cell in situ RNA profiling by sequential hybridization. Lubeck, Eric; Coskun, Ahmet F; Zhiyentayev, Timur; Ahmad, Mubhij; Cai, Long Nature methods 24681720 2014 Apr
Excess PLAC8 promotes an unconventional ERK2-dependent EMT in colon cancer. Li, Cunxi; Ma, Haiting; Wang, Yang; Cao, Zheng; Graves-Deal, Ramona; Powell, Anne E; Starchenko, Alina; Ayers, Gregory D; Washington, Mary Kay; Kamath, Vidya; Desai, Keyur; Gerdes, Michael J; Solnica-Krezel, Lila; Coffey, Robert J The Journal of clinical investigation 24691442 2014 Apr 1
Visualizing and manipulating temporal signaling dynamics with fluorescence-based tools. Doupé, David P; Perrimon, Norbert Science signaling. 24692594 2014 Apr 1;
Local mechanical response of cells to the controlled rotation of magnetic nanorods. Castillo, Matias; Ebensperger, Roberto; Wirtz, Denis; Walczak, Magdalena; Hurtado, Daniel E; Celedon, Alfredo Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials. 24700696 2014 Nov;
Mathematical approaches to modeling development and reprogramming. Morris, Rob; Sancho-Martinez, Ignacio; Sharpee, Tatyana O; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 24706886 2014 Apr 8;
Universal artificial antigen presenting cells to selectively propagate T cells expressing chimeric antigen receptor independent of specificity. Rushworth, David; Jena, Bipulendu; Olivares, Simon; Maiti, Sourindra; Briggs, Neima; Somanchi, Srinivas; Dai, Jianliang; Lee, Dean; Cooper, Laurence J N Journal of immunotherapy (Hagerstown, Md. : 1997) 24714354 2014 May
Atomic force microscopy-coupled microcoils for cellular-scale nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Mousoulis, Charilaos; Maleki, Teimour; Ziaie, Babak; Neu, Corey P Applied physics letters. 24719493 2013 Apr 08;
Water permeation drives tumor cell migration in confined microenvironments. Stroka, Kimberly M; Jiang, Hongyuan; Chen, Shih-Hsun; Tong, Ziqiu; Wirtz, Denis; Sun, Sean X; Konstantopoulos, Konstantinos Cell 24726433 2014 Apr 24
Genetic characteristics and pathogenic mechanisms of periodontal pathogens. Amano, A; Chen, C; Honma, K; Li, C; Settem, R P; Sharma, A Advances in dental research 24736700 2014 May
Hypoxia and the extracellular matrix: drivers of tumour metastasis. Gilkes, Daniele M; Semenza, Gregg L; Wirtz, Denis Nature reviews. Cancer. 24827502 2014 Jun;
Spermatid cyst polarization in Drosophila depends upon apkc and the CPEB family translational regulator orb2. Xu, Shuwa; Tyagi, Sanjay; Schedl, Paul PLoS genetics 24830287 2014 May
Simultaneous whole-animal 3D imaging of neuronal activity using light-field microscopy. Prevedel, Robert; Yoon, Young-Gyu; Hoffmann, Maximilian; Pak, Nikita; Wetzstein, Gordon; Kato, Saul; Schrodel, Tina; Raskar, Ramesh; Zimmer, Manuel; Boyden, Edward S; Vaziri, Alipasha Nature methods 24836920 2014 May 18
The 3D Genome in Transcriptional Regulation and Pluripotency. Gorkin, David U; Leung, Danny; Ren, Bing Cell stem cell 24905166 2014 Jun 5
Resident fibroblast lineages mediate pressure overload-induced cardiac fibrosis. Moore-Morris, Thomas; Guimaraes-Camboa, Nuno; Banerjee, Indroneal; Zambon, Alexander C; Kisseleva, Tatiana; Velayoudon, Aurelie; Stallcup, William B; Gu, Yusu; Dalton, Nancy D; Cedenilla, Marta; Gomez-Amaro, Rafael; Zhou, Bin; Brenner, David A; Peterson, The Journal of clinical investigation 24937432 2014 Jul 1
High-sensitivity measurements of multiple kinase activities in live single cells. Regot, Sergi; Hughey, Jacob J; Bajar, Bryce T; Carrasco, Silvia; Covert, Markus W Cell 24949979 2014 Jun 19
A semi-local neighborhood-based framework for probabilistic cell lineage tracing. Santella, Anthony; Du, Zhuo; Bao, Zhirong BMC bioinformatics. 24964866 2014;
Comparison of intervertebral disc displacements measured under applied loading with MRI at 3.0 T and 9.4 T. Chan, Deva D; Gossett, Paull C; Butz, Kent D; Nauman, Eric A; Neu, Corey P Journal of biomechanics. 24968943 2014 Aug 22;
The regulation of *-adrenergic receptor-mediated PKA activation by substrate stiffness via microtubule dynamics in human MSCs. Kim, Tae-Jin; Sun, Jie; Lu, Shaoying; Zhang, Jin; Wang, Yingxiao Biomaterials 24973298 2014 Jun 24
Targeted gene correction minimally impacts whole-genome mutational load in human-disease-specific induced pluripotent stem cell clones. Suzuki, Keiichiro; Yu, Chang; Qu, Jing; Li, Mo; Yao, Xiaotian; Yuan, Tingting; Goebl, April; Tang, Senwei; Ren, Ruotong; Aizawa, Emi; Zhang, Fan; Xu, Xiuling; Soligalla, Rupa Devi; Chen, Feng; Kim, Jessica; Kim, Na Young; Liao, Hsin-Kai; Benner, Chris; Es Cell stem cell. 24996168 2014 Jul 3;
Noninvasive optical inhibition with a red-shifted microbial rhodopsin. Chuong, Amy S; Miri, Mitra L; Busskamp, Volker; Matthews, Gillian A C; Acker, Leah C; Sorensen, Andreas T; Young, Andrew; Klapoetke, Nathan C; Henninger, Mike A; Kodandaramaiah, Suhasa B; Ogawa, Masaaki; Ramanlal, Shreshtha B; Bandler, Rachel C; Allen, Br Nature neuroscience 24997763 2014 Aug
Modelling Fanconi anemia pathogenesis and therapeutics using integration-free patient-derived iPSCs. Liu, Guang-Hui; Suzuki, Keiichiro; Li, Mo; Qu, Jing; Montserrat, Nuria; Tarantino, Carolina; Gu, Ying; Yi, Fei; Xu, Xiuling; Zhang, Weiqi; Ruiz, Sergio; Plongthongkum, Nongluk; Zhang, Kun; Masuda, Shigeo; Nivet, Emmanuel; Tsunekawa, Yuji; Soligalla, Rupa Nature communications. 24999918 2014;
Regeneration: making muscle from hPSCs. Zhu, Xiping; Fu, Lina; Yi, Fei; Liu, Guang-Hui; Ocampo, Alejandro; Qu, Jing; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos Cell research. 25001388 2014 Oct;
Targeting breast tumors with pH (low) insertion peptides. Adochite, Ramona-Cosmina; Moshnikova, Anna; Carlin, Sean D; Guerrieri, Renato A; Andreev, Oleg A; Lewis, Jason S; Reshetnyak, Yana K Molecular pharmaceutics. 25004202 2014 Aug 4;
Dynamic heterogeneity and DNA methylation in embryonic stem cells. Singer, Zakary S; Yong, John; Tischler, Julia; Hackett, Jamie A; Altinok, Alphan; Surani, M Azim; Cai, Long; Elowitz, Michael B Molecular cell. 25038413 2014 Jul 17;
Clonal evolution in breast cancer revealed by single nucleus genome sequencing. Wang, Yong; Waters, Jill; Leung, Marco L; Unruh, Anna; Roh, Whijae; Shi, Xiuqing; Chen, Ken; Scheet, Paul; Vattathil, Selina; Liang, Han; Multani, Asha; Zhang, Hong; Zhao, Rui; Michor, Franziska; Meric-Bernstam, Funda; Navin, Nicholas E Nature 25079324 2014 Aug 14
Single-cell imaging of mechanotransduction in endothelial cells. Lu, Shaoying; Wang, Yingxiao Progress in molecular biology and translational science. 25081613 2014;
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