Illuminating the Druggable Genome (349)
Publication TitleAuthorsJournalPublication DatePage NoPubMedID
RIOK3 and Its Alternatively Spliced Isoform Have Disparate Roles in the Innate Immune Response to Rift Valley Fever Virus (MP12) Infection.Bisom, Thomas C; White, Luke A; Lanchy, Jean-Marc; Lodmell, J StephenViruses2022 09 1736146870
Transforming L1000 profiles to RNA-seq-like profiles with deep learning.Jeon, Minji; Xie, Zhuorui; Evangelista, John E; Wojciechowicz, Megan L; Clarke, Daniel J B; Ma'ayan, AviBMC bioinformatics2022 Sep 1336100892
Magel2 knockdown in hypothalamic POMC neurons innervating the medial amygdala reduces susceptibility to diet-induced obesity.Choi, Yuna; Min, Hyeon-Young; Hwang, Jiyeon; Jo, Young-HwanLife science alliance2022 1136007929
Production of Eukaryotic Glycoproteins for Structural and Functional Studies Using Expi293F Cells.Greven, Jessica A; Brett, Tom JCurrent protocols2022 Aug35998009
A Superfolder Green Fluorescent Protein-Based Biosensor Allows Monitoring of Chloride in the Endoplasmic Reticulum.Shariati, Kaavian; Zhang, Yaohuan; Giubbolini, Simone; Parra, Riccardo; Liang, Steven; Edwards, Austin; Hejtmancik, J Fielding; Ratto, Gian Michele; Arosio, Daniele; Ku, GregoryACS sensors2022 Aug 2635951356
TRUPATH: An Open-Source Biosensor Platform for Interrogating the GPCR Transducerome.DiBerto, Jeffrey F; Olsen, Reid H J; Roth, Bryan LMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)202235836068
Inactive and active state structures template selective tools for the human 5-HT5A receptor.Zhang, Shicheng; Chen, He; Zhang, Chengwei; Yang, Ying; Popov, Petr; Liu, Jing; Krumm, Brian E; Cao, Can; Kim, Kuglae; Xiong, Yan; Katritch, Vsevolod; Shoichet, Brian K; Jin, Jian; Fay, Jonathan F; Roth, Bryan LNature structural & molecular biology2022 0735835867
Overexpressing the hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 1 in mouse brown adipose tissue restores glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in diet-induced obese mice.Min, Hyeon-Young; Hwang, Jiyeon; Choi, Yuna; Jo, Young-HwanAmerican journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism2022 Sep 0135830691
The potassium channel auxiliary subunit Kvβ2 (Kcnab2) regulates Kv1 channels and dopamine neuron firing.Yee, Joshua X; Rastani, Ariana; Soden, Marta EJournal of neurophysiology2022 07 0135788155
CACHE (Critical Assessment of Computational Hit-finding Experiments): A public-private partnership benchmarking initiative to enable the development of computational methods for hit-finding.Ackloo, Suzanne; Al-Awar, Rima; Amaro, Rommie E; Arrowsmith, Cheryl H; Azevedo, Hatylas; Batey, Robert A; Bengio, Yoshua; Betz, Ulrich A K; Bologa, Cristian G; Chodera, John D; Cornell, Wendy D; Dunham, Ian; Ecker, Gerhard F; Edfeldt, Kristina; Edwards, Aled M; Gilson, Michael K; Gordijo, Claudia R; Hessler, Gerhard; Hillisch, Alexander; Hogner, Anders; Irwin, John J; Jansen, Johanna M; Kuhn, Daniel; Leach, Andrew R; Lee, Alpha A; Lessel, Uta; Morgan, Maxwell R; Moult, John; Muegge, Ingo; Oprea, Tudor I; Perry, Benjamin G; Riley, Patrick; Rousseaux, Sophie A L; Saikatendu, Kumar Singh; Santhakumar, Vijayaratnam; Schapira, Matthieu; Scholten, Cora; Todd, Matthew H; Vedadi, Masoud; Volkamer, Andrea; Willson, Timothy MNature reviews. Chemistry2022 Apr35783295
Numb-associated kinases are required for SARS-CoV-2 infection and are cellular targets for antiviral strategies.Karim, Marwah; Saul, Sirle; Ghita, Luca; Sahoo, Malaya Kumar; Ye, Chengjin; Bhalla, Nishank; Lo, Chieh-Wen; Jin, Jing; Park, Jun-Gyu; Martinez-Gualda, Belén; East, Michael Patrick; Johnson, Gary L; Pinsky, Benjamin A; Martinez-Sobrido, Luis; Asquith, Christopher R M; Narayanan, Aarthi; De Jonghe, Steven; Einav, ShiritAntiviral research2022 0835738348
Temozolomide-induced guanine mutations create exploitable vulnerabilities of guanine-rich DNA and RNA regions in drug-resistant gliomas.Tiek, Deanna M; Erdogdu, Beril; Razaghi, Roham; Jin, Lu; Sadowski, Norah; Alamillo-Ferrer, Carla; Hogg, J Robert; Haddad, Bassem R; Drewry, David H; Wells, Carrow I; Pickett, Julie E; Song, Xiao; Goenka, Anshika; Hu, Bo; Goldlust, Samuel A; Zuercher, William J; Pertea, Mihaela; Timp, Winston; Cheng, Shi-Yuan; Riggins, Rebecca BScience advances2022 06 2435731869
On-Chip Preconcentration Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis Based CE-PRM-LIVE for High-Throughput Selectivity Profiling of Deubiquitinase Inhibitors.Zhu, He; Mellors, J Scott; Chan, Wai Cheung; Thompson, J Will; Ficarro, Scott B; Tavares, Isidoro; Bratt, Ariana S; Decker, Jens; Krause, Michael; Kruppa, Gary; Buhrlage, Sara J; Marto, Jarrod AAnalytical chemistry2022 07 1235729701
Autophagy and Herpesvirus: A collaboration Contributing to Alzheimer's Disease.Nafchi, Amir R; Esmaeili, Mona; Myers, Orrin; Oprea, Tudor; Bearer, Elane LFASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology2022 0535723876
Calcium Channels in Retinal Function and Disease.Williams, Brittany; Maddox, J Wesley; Lee, AmyAnnual review of vision science2022 09 1535650675
Orphan G-Protein Coupled Receptor GPRC5B Is Critical for Lymphatic Development.Xu, Wenjing; Nelson-Maney, Nathan P; Bálint, László; Kwon, Hyouk-Bum; Davis, Reema B; Dy, Danielle C M; Dunleavey, James M; St Croix, Brad; Caron, Kathleen MInternational journal of molecular sciences2022 May 2035628521
Investigating the Therapeutic Potential of Cdk8 Small Molecule Inhibitors to Prevent Pathological Cardiac Remodeling and Heart Failure.Oppman, Alexis M; Gardner, Richard N; Martins, Ines; Minerath, Rachel A; Hall, Duane D; Grueter, Chad EFASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology2022 May35553110
Analysis of human Tribbles 2 (TRIB2) pseudokinase.Harris, John A; Fairweather, Emma; Byrne, Dominic P; Eyers, Patrick AMethods in enzymology202235525562
Computational tools and resources for pseudokinase research.O'Boyle, Brady; Shrestha, Safal; Kochut, Krzysztof; Eyers, Patrick A; Kannan, NatarajanMethods in enzymology202235525549
Open source fraction collector/MALDI spotter for proteomics.Ficarro, Scott B; Max Alexander, William; Tavares, Isidoro; Marto, Jarrod AHardwareX2022 Apr35518277
Protein proximity networks and functional evaluation of the casein kinase 1 gamma family reveal unique roles for CK1γ3 in WNT signaling.Agajanian, Megan J; Potjewyd, Frances M; Bowman, Brittany M; Solomon, Smaranda; LaPak, Kyle M; Bhatt, Dhaval P; Smith, Jeffery L; Goldfarb, Dennis; Axtman, Alison D; Major, Michael BThe Journal of biological chemistry2022 0635487243
Ectopic biomolecular phase transitions: fusion proteins in cancer pathologies.Davis, Richoo B; Moosa, Mahdi Muhammad; Banerjee, Priya RTrends in cell biology2022 Aug35484036
Cavβ1 regulates T cell expansion and apoptosis independently of voltage-gated Ca2+ channel function.Erdogmus, Serap; Concepcion, Axel R; Yamashita, Megumi; Sidhu, Ikjot; Tao, Anthony Y; Li, Wenyi; Rocha, Pedro P; Huang, Bonnie; Garippa, Ralph; Lee, Boram; Lee, Amy; Hell, Johannes W; Lewis, Richard S; Prakriya, Murali; Feske, StefanNature communications2022 04 1935440113
AlphaFold illuminates half of the dark human proteins.Binder, Jessica L; Berendzen, Joel; Stevens, Amy O; He, Yi; Wang, Jian; Dokholyan, Nikolay V; Oprea, Tudor ICurrent opinion in structural biology2022 0635439658
Identification of 4-Anilinoquin(az)oline as a Cell-Active Protein Kinase Novel 3 (PKN3) Inhibitor Chemotype.Asquith, Christopher R M; Temme, Louisa; East, Michael P; Laitinen, Tuomo; Pickett, Julie; Kwarcinski, Frank E; Sinha, Parvathi; Wells, Carrow I; Johnson, Gary L; Zutshi, Reena; Drewry, David HChemMedChem2022 06 2035403825
Agonist and antagonist TRUPATH assays for G protein-coupled receptors.DiBerto, Jeffrey F; Smart, Katie; Olsen, Reid H J; Roth, Bryan LSTAR protocols2022 06 1735403009
Gene and drug landing page aggregator.Clarke, Daniel J B; Kuleshov, Maxim V; Xie, Zhuorui; Evangelista, John E; Meyers, Marilyn R; Kropiwnicki, Eryk; Jenkins, Sherry L; Ma'ayan, AviBioinformatics advances202235368424
The voltage-gated Ca2+ channel subunit α2δ-4 regulates locomotor behavior and sensorimotor gating in mice.Klomp, Annette; Omichi, Ryotaro; Iwasa, Yoichiro; Smith, Richard J; Usachev, Yuriy M; Russo, Andrew F; Narayanan, Nandakumar S; Lee, AmyPloS one202235353835
Molecular recognition of formylpeptides and diverse agonists by the formylpeptide receptors FPR1 and FPR2.Zhuang, Youwen; Wang, Lei; Guo, Jia; Sun, Dapeng; Wang, Yue; Liu, Weiyi; Xu, H Eric; Zhang, ChengNature communications2022 Feb 2535217703
State of the Art and Uses for the Biopharmaceutics Drug Disposition Classification System (BDDCS): New Additions, Revisions, and Citation References.Bocci, Giovanni; Oprea, Tudor I; Benet, Leslie ZThe AAPS journal2022 02 2335199251
Structure-Based Design of a Chemical Probe Set for the 5-HT5A Serotonin Receptor.Levit Kaplan, Anat; Strachan, Ryan T; Braz, Joao M; Craik, Veronica; Slocum, Samuel; Mangano, Thomas; Amabo, Vanessa; O'Donnell, Henry; Lak, Parnian; Basbaum, Allan I; Roth, Bryan L; Shoichet, Brian KJournal of medicinal chemistry2022 03 1035195401
DrugShot: querying biomedical search terms to retrieve prioritized lists of small molecules.Kropiwnicki, Eryk; Lachmann, Alexander; Clarke, Daniel J B; Xie, Zhuorui; Jagodnik, Kathleen M; Ma'ayan, AviBMC bioinformatics2022 Feb 1935183110
EMBER: Multi-label prediction of kinase-substrate phosphorylation events through deep learning.Kirchoff, Kathryn E; Gomez, Shawn MBioinformatics (Oxford, England)2022 Feb 1435157015
Machine learning prediction and tau-based screening identifies potential Alzheimer's disease genes relevant to immunity.Binder, Jessica; Ursu, Oleg; Bologa, Cristian; Jiang, Shanya; Maphis, Nicole; Dadras, Somayeh; Chisholm, Devon; Weick, Jason; Myers, Orrin; Kumar, Praveen; Yang, Jeremy J; Bhaskar, Kiran; Oprea, Tudor ICommunications biology2022 02 1135149761
blitzGSEA: Efficient computation of Gene Set Enrichment Analysis through Gamma distribution approximation.Lachmann, Alexander; Xie, Zhuorui; Ma'ayan, AviBioinformatics (Oxford, England)2022 Feb 1035143610
Tousled-like kinase 2 targets ASF1 histone chaperones through client mimicry.Simon, Bertrand; Lou, Hua Jane; Huet-Calderwood, Clotilde; Shi, Guangda; Boggon, Titus J; Turk, Benjamin E; Calderwood, David ANature communications2022 02 0835136069
Tra2beta-Dependent Regulation of RIO Kinase 3 Splicing During Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection Underscores the Links Between Alternative Splicing and Innate Antiviral Immunity.White, Luke Adam; Bisom, Thomas C; Grimes, Hunter L; Hayashi, Miyuki; Lanchy, Jean-Marc; Lodmell, J StephenFrontiers in cellular and infection microbiology202135127560
Neuropeptide B/W receptor 1 peptidomimetic agonists: Structure-activity relationships and plasma stability.Nguyen, Thuy; Decker, Ann M; Snyder, Rodney W; Tonetti, Emma C; Gamage, Thomas F; Zhang, YananEuropean journal of medicinal chemistry2022 Mar 0535101647
A Learning Based Framework for Disease Prediction from Images of Human-Derived Pluripotent Stem Cells of Schizophrenia Patients.Fularczyk, Nickolas; Di Re, Jessica; Stertz, Laura; Walss-Bass, Consuelo; Laezza, Fernanda; Labate, DemetrioNeuroinformatics2022 Jan 2235064871
A Workflow of Integrated Resources to Catalyze Network Pharmacology Driven COVID-19 Research.Zahoránszky-Kőhalmi, Gergely; Siramshetty, Vishal B; Kumar, Praveen; Gurumurthy, Manideep; Grillo, Busola; Mathew, Biju; Metaxatos, Dimitrios; Backus, Mark; Mierzwa, Tim; Simon, Reid; Grishagin, Ivan; Brovold, Laura; Mathé, Ewy A; Hall, Matthew D; Michael, Samuel G; Godfrey, Alexander G; Mestres, Jordi; Jensen, Lars J; Oprea, Tudor IJournal of chemical information and modeling2022 02 1435057621
Host kinase CSNK2 is a target for inhibition of pathogenic β-coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2.Yang, Xuan; Dickmander, Rebekah J; Bayati, Armin; Taft-Benz, Sharon A; Smith, Jeffery L; Wells, Carrow I; Madden, Emily A; Brown, Jason W; Lenarcic, Erik M; Yount Jr, Boyd L; Chang, Edcon; Axtman, Alison D; Baric, Ralph S; Heise, Mark T; McPherson, Peter S; Moorman, Nathaniel J; Willson, Timothy MbioRxiv : the preprint server for biology2022 Jan 2635018375
Systematic identification of ACE2 expression modulators reveals cardiomyopathy as a risk factor for mortality in COVID-19 patients.Kaur, Navchetan; Oskotsky, Boris; Butte, Atul J; Hu, ZichengGenome biology2022 01 1035012625
Intestinal Gpr17 deficiency improves glucose metabolism by promoting GLP-1 secretion.Yan, Shijun; Conley, Jason M; Reilly, Austin M; Stull, Natalie D; Abhyankar, Surabhi D; Ericsson, Aaron C; Kono, Tatsuyoshi; Molosh, Andrei I; Kubal, Chandrashekhar A; Evans-Molina, Carmella; Ren, HongxiaCell reports2022 01 0434986353
Adaptive chromatin remodeling and transcriptional changes of the functional kinome in tumor cells in response to targeted kinase inhibition.East, Michael P; Johnson, Gary LThe Journal of biological chemistry2022 Feb34958800
Identification of RIOK2 as a master regulator of human blood cell development.Ghosh, Shrestha; Raundhal, Mahesh; Myers, Samuel A; Carr, Steven A; Chen, Xi; Petsko, Gregory A; Glimcher, Laurie HNature immunology2022 0134937919
Supervised learning with word embeddings derived from PubMed captures latent knowledge about protein kinases and cancer.Ravanmehr, Vida; Blau, Hannah; Cappelletti, Luca; Fontana, Tommaso; Carmody, Leigh; Coleman, Ben; George, Joshy; Reese, Justin; Joachimiak, Marcin; Bocci, Giovanni; Hansen, Peter; Bult, Carol; Rueter, Jens; Casiraghi, Elena; Valentini, Giorgio; Mungall, Christopher; Oprea, Tudor I; Robinson, Peter NNAR genomics and bioinformatics2021 Dec34888523
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Loss of proximal tubular transcription factor Krüppel-like factor 15 exacerbates kidney injury through loss of fatty acid oxidation.Piret, Sian E; Attallah, Ahmed A; Gu, Xiangchen; Guo, Yiqing; Gujarati, Nehaben A; Henein, Justina; Zollman, Amy; Hato, Takashi; Ma'ayan, Avi; Revelo, Monica P; Dickman, Kathleen G; Chen, Chung-Hsin; Shun, Chia-Tung; Rosenquist, Thomas A; He, John C; Mallipattu, Sandeep KKidney international2021 Dec34634362
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NeuriteNet: A convolutional neural network for assessing morphological parameters of neurite growth.Vecchi, Joseph T; Mullan, Sean; Lopez, Josue A; Hansen, Marlan R; Sonka, Milan; Lee, AmyJournal of neuroscience methods2021 11 0134480956
Non-canonical role of Hippo tumor suppressor serine/threonine kinase 3 STK3 in prostate cancer.Schirmer, Amelia U; Driver, Lucy M; Zhao, Megan T; Wells, Carrow I; Pickett, Julie E; O'Bryne, Sean N; Eduful, Benjamin J; Yang, Xuan; Howard, Lauren; You, Sungyong; Devi, Gayathri R; DiGiovanni, John; Freedland, Stephen J; Chi, Jen-Tsan; Drewry, David H; Macias, EverardoMolecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy2022 01 0534450249
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Evaluation of Amide Bioisosteres Leading to 1,2,3-Triazole Containing Compounds as GPR88 Agonists: Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies.Rahman, Md Toufiqur; Decker, Ann M; Laudermilk, Lucas; Maitra, Rangan; Ma, Weiya; Ben Hamida, Sami; Darcq, Emmanuel; Kieffer, Brigitte L; Jin, ChunyangJournal of medicinal chemistry2021 Aug 2634387471
Post-translational modification of RAS proteins.Campbell, Sharon L; Philips, Mark RCurrent opinion in structural biology2021 1234365229
Identification of Pyrimidine-Based Lead Compounds for Understudied Kinases Implicated in Driving Neurodegeneration.Drewry, David H; Annor-Gyamfi, Joel K; Wells, Carrow I; Pickett, Julie E; Dederer, Verena; Preuss, Franziska; Mathea, Sebastian; Axtman, Alison DJournal of medicinal chemistry2022 01 2734333981
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Hinge Binder Scaffold Hopping Identifies Potent Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase Kinase 2 (CAMKK2) Inhibitor Chemotypes.Eduful, Benjamin J; O'Byrne, Sean N; Temme, Louisa; Asquith, Christopher R M; Liang, Yi; Picado, Alfredo; Pilotte, Joseph R; Hossain, Mohammad Anwar; Wells, Carrow I; Zuercher, William J; Catta-Preta, Carolina M C; Zonzini Ramos, Priscila; Santiago, André de S; Couñago, Rafael M; Langendorf, Christopher G; Nay, Kévin; Oakhill, Jonathan S; Pulliam, Thomas L; Lin, Chenchu; Awad, Dominik; Willson, Timothy M; Frigo, Daniel E; Scott, John W; Drewry, David HJournal of medicinal chemistry2021 08 1234264658
A critical overview of computational approaches employed for COVID-19 drug discovery.Muratov , Eugene N; Amaro , Rommie; Andrade , Carolina H; Brown , Nathan; Ekins , Sean; Fourches , Denis; Isayev , Olexandr; Kozakov , Dima; Medina-Franco , José L; Merz , Kenneth M; Oprea , Tudor I; Poroikov , Vladimir; Schneider , Gisbert; Todd , Matthew H; Varnek , Alexandre; Winkler , David A; Zakharov , Alexey V; Cherkasov , Artem; Tropsha , AlexanderChemical Society reviews2021 Aug 2134212944
NEK5 activity regulates the mesenchymal and migratory phenotype in breast cancer cells.Matossian, Margarite D; Elliott, Steven; Van Hoang, T; Burks, Hope E; Wright, Maryl K; Alzoubi, Madlin S; Yan, Thomas; Chang, Tiffany; Wathieu, Henri; Windsor, Gabrielle O; Hartono, Alifiani Bo; Lee, Sean; Zuercher, William J; Drewry, David H; Wells, Carrow; Kapadia, Nirav; Buechlein, Aaron; Fang, Fang; Nephew, Kenneth P; Collins-Burow, Bridgette M; Burow, Matthew EBreast cancer research and treatment2021 Jul 0134196902
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