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The search results on this publication page are automated on a monthly schedule based on acknowledgement of NIH Common Fund award numbers and intramural awards. Therefore, this list is not an exhaustive or error-free account of the program’s publications.

Title Authors Journal PubMedID Publication Date
Navigating Barriers and Challenges to Achieving Critical Career Milestones Among Faculty Mentees. Soller, B; Martinez, J M; Rishel Brakey, H; Mickel, N; Sood, A The chronicle of mentoring & coaching 38187469 2023 Nov
Why Faculty Leaders Leave a School of Medicine? Nina, G; Myers, O; Rishel Brakey, H; Sood, A The chronicle of mentoring & coaching 38187468 2023 Nov
Mentoring Network Questionnaire Support Scales Reliable and Valid with University Faculty. Tigges, B; Soller, B; Myers, O; Shore, X; Mickel, N; Dominguez, N; Wiskur, B; Helitzer, D; Sood, A The chronicle of mentoring & coaching 38187467 2023 Nov
Inter-Rater Reliability of the Mentor Behavioral Interaction Rubric. Tigges, B; Myers, O; Mickel, N; Dominguez, N; Helitzer, D; Sood, A The chronicle of mentoring & coaching 38187466 2023 Nov
Inequity Analysis in Faculty Recognition Awards at a School of Medicine. Vick, K; Rodriguez-Esparza, A; Melendres-Groves, L; Shore, X; Sigl, D; Sood, A The chronicle of mentoring & coaching 38187465 2023 Nov
Gender Differences in Self-reported Faculty Developmental Networks. Shore, X; Soller, B; Mickel, N; Wiskur, B; Morales, D; Dominguez, N; Tigges, B; Helitzer, D; Myers, O; Sood, A The chronicle of mentoring & coaching 38187464 2023 Nov
Faculty Retention at a School of Medicine, 2010-2022. Myers, O; Vick, K; Greenberg, N; Sood, A The chronicle of mentoring & coaching 38187463 2023 Nov
Curriculum-based Faculty Training in Networking: Knowledge and Self-efficacy Outcomes. Shore, X W; Soller, B; Mickel, N; Wiskur, B; Morales, D; Arora, S; Dominguez, N; Tigges, B; Helitzer, D; Myers, O; Sood, A The chronicle of mentoring & coaching 38187462 2023 Nov
Nanotechnology Platform for Advancing Vaccine Development against the COVID-19 Virus. Chowdhury, Nusrat; Kundu, Anup Diseases (Basel, Switzerland) 38131983 2023 Dec 10
We are still tired: staff and administrators' experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic within California residential care facilities for older adults. Bahr, Kaitlin O; Bhavsar, Grishma P; Zhao, David BMC geriatrics 38110888 2023 Dec 18
A 3D OPENFOAM BASED FINITE VOLUME SOLVER FOR INCOMPRESSIBLE OLDROYD-B MODEL WITH INFINITY RELAXATION TIME. Tian, Jing; Cai, Mingchao; Luo, Zhendong; You, Yuncheng; Chen, Goong Communications in nonlinear science & numerical simulation 38107743 2019 Nov
Physical Activity, Sleep, and Demographic Patterns in Alaska Native Children and Youth Living in Anaktuvuk Pass. Grant, Vernon; Mekiana, Deborah; Philip, Jacques Youth (Basel, Switzerland) 38084312 2023 Mar
Integrating Scientific Growth and Professional Development Skills in Research Environments to Aid in the Persistence of Marginalized Students. Mackiewicz, Marilyn Rampersad; Hosbein, Kathryn N; Mason, Dawn; Ajjarapu, Ramya Journal of chemical education 38074344 2023 Jan 10
An Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Habitat Suitability Model to Identify Overwinter Conditions for Coregonine Whitefishes in Arctic Lagoons. Tibbles, Marguerite; Falke, Jeffrey A; Mahoney, Andrew R; Robards, Martin D; Seitz, Andrew C Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 38031575 2018 Nov
Delineating Differences in How US High Schools are Racialized. Shifrer, Dara; Appleton, C J Youth & society 38031534 2024 Jan
Active Moms: a feasibility study of a community-based and home-based physical activity intervention for low-income, ethnic-minority mothers. Arevalo, Wendy Miranda; Caicedo, Brianna Isabel; Urizar Jr, Guido G; Schroeder, Jan Pilot and feasibility studies 37978576 2023 Nov 17
Design, Synthesis, and Biological Studies of Flavone-Based Esters and Acids as Potential P450 2A6 Inhibitors. Goyal, Navneet; Do, Camilla; Sridhar, Jayalakshmi; Shaik, Shahensha; Thompson, Anthony; Perry, Timothy; Carter, Loren; Foroozesh, Maryam Chemical research in toxicology 37963190 2023 Dec 18
Promoting Health Research among Underrepresented Students through the HUI SRC. Vakalahi, Halaevalu O; Okamoto, Scott K; Horgen, F David; Lim, Eunjung; Phan, Ngoc; Kaumatule, Blaize S; Sheikhattari, Payam Hawai'i journal of health & social welfare 37901664 2023 Oct
A dual-pathway architecture enables chronic stress to promote habit formation. Giovanniello, Jacqueline R; Paredes, Natalie; Wiener, Anna; Ramírez-Armenta, Kathia; Oragwam, Chukwuebuka; Uwadia, Hanniel O; Lim, Kayla; Nnamdi, Gift; Wang, Alicia; Sehgal, Megha; Reis, Fernando McV; Sias, Ana C; Silva, Alcino J; Adhikari, Avishek; Malva bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology 37873076 2023 Oct 03
A protease and a lipoprotein jointly modulate the conserved ExoR-ExoS-ChvI signaling pathway critical in Sinorhizobium meliloti for symbiosis with legume hosts. Bustamante, Julian A; Ceron, Josue S; Gao, Ivan Thomas; Ramirez, Hector A; Aviles, Milo V; Bet Adam, Demsin; Brice, Jason R; Cuellar, Rodrigo A; Dockery, Eva; Jabagat, Miguel Karlo; Karp, Donna Grace; Lau, Joseph Kin-On; Li, Suling; Lopez-Magaña, Raymondo PLoS genetics 37871041 2023 Oct
Investigating the relationship between participation in the building infrastructure leading to diversity (BUILD) initiative and intent to pursue a science career: A cross-sectional analysis. Ramos, Hector V; Cobian, Krystle P; Srinivasan, Jayashri; Christie, Christina A; Crespi, Catherine M; Seeman, Teresa Evaluation and program planning 37866132 2024 Feb
Awareness of the public charge, confidence in knowledge, and the use of public healthcare programs among Mexican-origin Oregon Latino/as. Wolwowicz-Lopez, Edlyn; Boniface, Emily; Díaz-Anaya, Sara; Cornejo-Torres, Yareli; Darney, Blair G International journal for equity in health 37817208 2023 Oct 10
Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes in Binary Mixture of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids with Organic Solvents. Rush, Kaiyah; Islam, Md Muhaiminul; Nawagamuwage, Sithara U; Marzette, Jorden; Browne, Olivia; Foy, Kayla; Reyes, Khale'; Hoang, Melissa; Nguyen, Catherine; Walker, Alexis; Ferrufino Amador, Susana; Riglioni, Emanuela; Rubtsov, Igor V; Riley, Kevin; Dutta The journal of physical chemistry. B 37812742 2023 Oct 19
Endogenous expression of inactive lysine deacetylases reveals deacetylation-dependent cellular mechanisms. Toro, Tasha B; Skripnikova, Elena V; Bornes, Kiara E; Zhang, Kun; Watt, Terry J PloS one 37721967 2023
Steady solution and its stability of a mathematical model of diabetic atherosclerosis. Xie, Xuming Journal of biological dynamics 37711027 2023 Dec
Molecular dynamics simulation of apolipoprotein E3 lipid nanodiscs. Allen, Patrick; Smith, Adam C; Benedicto, Vernon; Abdulhasan, Abbas; Narayanaswami, Vasanthy; Tapavicza, Enrico Biochimica et biophysica acta. Biomembranes 37704040 2024 Jan
How Sucrose Preference Is Gained and Lost: An In-Depth Analysis of Drinking Behavior during the Sucrose Preference Test in Mice. Wulff, Andreas B; Cooper, Phylicia; Kodjo, Emmanuela; Abel, Eliana; Thompson, Scott M eNeuro 37699705 2023 Sep
Predicted Versus Observed Activity of PCB Mixtures Toward the Ryanodine Receptor. Griffin, Justin A; Li, Xueshu; Lehmler, Hans-Joachim; Holland, Erika B bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology 37662381 2023 Aug 23
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Apolipoprotein E3 Lipid Nanodiscs. Allen, Patrick; Smith, Adam C; Benedicto, Vernon; Abdulhassan, Abbas; Narayanaswami, Vasanthy; Tapavicza, Enrico ArXiv 37645042 2023 Aug 20
Inequality among the Disadvantaged? Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Earnings among Young Men and Women without a College Education. Oh, Byeongdon; Freeman, Daniel Mackin; Shifrer, Dara Sociology of race and ethnicity (Thousand Oaks, Calif.) 37637205 2023 Jul
Examining the Impact of the BUilding Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) Initiative on Academic and Researcher Self-Efficacy among First Year Students. Palma Cobian, Krystle; Zhong, Shujin; Guerrero, Lourdes UI journal 37622162 2021
Imaging the Cellular Distribution of Amino Acid Derivatives of Tricarbonylrhenium(I) 1, 10-orthophenanthroline Compounds. Varisli, Birsen; Wachira, James; Mandal, Santosh Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada 37613344 2023 Jul 22
Histopathological Changes in the Heart of the HIV-1 Transgenic Rat. Denaro, Frank; Williams, Sumiko; Worthington, Myla; Davis, Harry; Bryant, Joseph Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada 37613002 2023 Jul 22
Neuromorphological Analysis of the Primate Claustrum. Denaro, Frank; Holmes, R K; Sofowora, I; Liadi, Y; Solomon, T; Dike, P; Ladow, J; Wachira, J; Edelstein, L R Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada 37613001 2023 Jul 22
Managing Microscopy Research and Education Resources at a Medium-sized Institution. Wachira, James Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada 37612948 2023 Jul 22
Training the Next Generation of HIV/AIDS Researchers. Denaro, F; Samuel, K; Zella, D; Benedetti, F; Davis, H; Bryant, J Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada 37612903 2023 Jul 22
Autofluorescence Microscopy Can Reveal the Fine Structure of the Tooth. Denaro, Frank; Howard, Khijha; Mack, Jalen; Pearson, D'aisha; Simmons, Ian; Vereen, Randi; Vines, Oryyon Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada 37612901 2023 Jul 22
Community-based participatory research to improve alumni transition from an intensive research training program for historically underrepresented undergraduates. Raymaker, Dora M; Scharer, Mirah; Miller, Rebecca; Widmer, Ashley; Posadas, Dhale Larsen; Keller, Thomas E Journal of women and minorities in science and engineering 37593076 2023
Anti-cancer effectiveness of a novel ceramide analog on chemo-sensitive and chemo-resistant breast cancers. Ponnapakkam, Tulasi; Saulsberry, Tyjah; Hill-Odom, Miriam; Beamon, Teresa; Hooks, Royce; Goyal, Navneet; Shaik, Shahensha; Anbalagan, Muralidharan; Foroozesh, Maryam Anti-cancer drugs 37578744 2024 Jan 01
Association Between Incident Type 2 Diabetes and Opium Use: Mediation by Body Mass and Adiposity. Nalini, Mahdi; Poustchi, Hossein; Roshandel, Gholamreza; Kamangar, Farin; Khoshnia, Masoud; Gharavi, Abdolsamad; Brennan, Paul; Boffetta, Paolo; Dawsey, Sanford M; Abnet, Christian C; Malekzadeh, Reza; Etemadi, Arash American journal of epidemiology 37552966 2023 Nov 10
Identifying Antisense Oligonucleotides to Disrupt Small RNA Regulated Antibiotic Resistance via a Cell-Free Transcription-Translation Platform. Tsai, Min Jen; Zambrano, Raphael Angelo I; Susas, Jeremiah Lyn; Silva, Lizette; Takahashi, Melissa K ACS synthetic biology 37540186 2023 Aug 18
Interventions to Optimize Mentoring Relationships for Diverse Biomedical Researchers. Branchaw, Janet; Guerrero, Lourdes; Pfund, Christine UI journal 37539044 2020
How undergraduates historically underrepresented in biomedical sciences value multiple components of a research training program. Nelson, Kristina; Honoré, Matt; Crist, Rachel; Zell, Adrienne; Lindwall, Jennifer L; Keller, Thomas E Journal for STEM education research 37538959 2023 Apr
Understanding the context and appreciating the complexity of evaluating the Diversity Program Consortium. Guerrero, Lourdes R; Seeman, Teresa; McCreath, Heather; Maccalla, Nicole M G; Norris, Keith C New directions for evaluation 37538950 2022
Study of Ceramide-Flavone Analogs Showing Self-Fluorescence and Anti-Proliferation Activities. Goyal, Navneet; Do, Camilla; Hill-Odom, Miriam; Beamon, Teresa; Ponnapakkam, Tulasi; Liu, Jiawang; Sridhar, Jayalakshmi; Huckaba, Thomas; Foroozesh, Maryam Journal of oncology research and therapy 37538786 2023
Peer-Peer Cultural Value Mismatch in the Dormitory During the Transition to College: Antecedents and Correlates. Vasquez-Salgado, Yolanda; Greenfield, Patricia M; Guan, Shu-Sha Angie; Gonzalez, Lucy; Tarlow, Darby A Journal of intercultural communication & interactions research 37529117 2023
Curriculum development in health and the built environment: creating a multidisciplinary platform to enhance knowledge and engagement. Gharipour, Mohammad; Trout, Amber L ArchNet-IJAR : international journal of architectural research 37497239 2020 Nov 11
Faculty Mentor Training to Change Mentoring Practices at a Diverse R2 University. Young, Kelly A; Marayong, Panadda; Vu, Kim-Phuong L Journal on excellence in college teaching 37485248 2022
Microwave-assisted synthesis for a highly selective rhodamine 6G-derived fluorescent sensor and bioimaging. Aduroja, Oyedoyin; Abiye, Isaac; Fathima, Azmath; Tadesse, Solomon; Ozturk, Birol; Wachira, James; Abebe, Fasil Inorganic chemistry communications 37485236 2023 Jan
Towards Computationally Guided Design and Engineering of a Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup W Capsule Polymerase with Altered Substrate Specificity. Paudel, Subhadra; Wachira, James; McCarthy, Pumtiwitt C Processes (Basel, Switzerland) 37483532 2021 Dec
Broadening and Diversifying the Behavioral and Biomedical Research Workforce through Early Access to an Undergraduate Research Training Program. Kingsford, Laura; Mendoza, Rocío; Dillon, Jesse; Chun, Chi-Ah; Vu, Kim-Phuong UI journal 37475728 2022
A Systematic Literature Review of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Youth Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) Use. Manglallan, Kelsey S; Johnson, Dixie L; Rosario, Mistie Hokulani; An, Katlyn J; Carson, Adabelle B; Phillips, Kristina T; Pokhrel, Pallav; Okamoto, Scott K Hawai'i journal of health & social welfare 37465472 2023 Jul
Exposing the chameleon-like nature of racism: a multidisciplinary look at critical race theory in higher education. Lin, Judith C P Higher education 37457040 2023 May
Describing engagement practices for the Enhance Diversity Study using principles of Tailored Panel Management. Ramirez, Karina D; Joseph, Cynthia J; Oh, Hansook New directions for evaluation 37455700 2022
Autonomic reactivity during acute social stress: exploratory investigation of an interaction by threat interpretation bias and emotion regulation difficulties. Gonzalez, Araceli; Rozenman, Michelle; Goger, Pauline; Velasco, Sarah E Anxiety, stress, and coping 37453083 2023 Jul 15
Kinetic and structural characterization of carboxyspermidine dehydrogenase of polyamine biosynthesis. Lee, Danielle F; Atencio, Niko; Bouchey, Shade; Shoemaker, Madeline R; Dodd, Joshua S; Satre, Meredith; Miller, Kenneth A; McFarlane, Jeffrey S The Journal of biological chemistry 37437886 2023 Aug
ToxR activates the Vibrio cholerae virulence genes by tethering DNA to the membrane through versatile binding to multiple sites. Canals, Albert; Pieretti, Simone; Muriel-Masanes, Mireia; El Yaman, Nour; Plecha, Sarah C; Thomson, Joshua J; Fàbrega-Ferrer, Montserrat; Pérez-Luque, Rosa; Krukonis, Eric S; Coll, Miquel Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 37428913 2023 Jul 18
Promoting STEM Trainee Research Self-Efficacy: A Mentor Training Intervention. Butz, Amanda R; Byars-Winston, Angela; Leverett, Patrice; Branchaw, Janet; Pfund, Christine UI journal 37426469 2018
Theranostic applications of multifunctional carbon nanomaterials. Asil, Shima Masoudi; Guerrero, Erick Damian; Bugarini, Georgina; Cayme, Joshua; De Avila, Nydia; Garcia, Jaime; Hernandez, Adrian; Mecado, Julia; Madero, Yazeneth; Moncayo, Frida; Olmos, Rosario; Perches, David; Roman, Jacob; Salcido-Padilla, Diana; Sanch View (Beijing, China) 37426287 2023 Apr
Nanopore Adaptive Sampling Enriches for Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in Microbial Communities. Wrenn, Danielle C; Drown, Devin M bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology 37425917 2023 Jun 30
Marginality in Inquiry-Based Science Learning Contexts: The Role of Exclusion Cascades. Adams-Wiggins, Karlyn R; Dancis, Julia S Mind, culture, and activity 37424600 2022
A meta-analysis approach for evaluating the effectiveness of complex multisite programs. Crespi, Catherine M; Cobian, Krystle P New directions for evaluation 37383061 2022
A Protracted Developmental Trajectory for English-Learning Children's Detection of Consonant Mispronunciations in Newly Learned Words. Quam, Carolyn; Swingley, Daniel Language acquisition 37377488 2023
Parents' Preferences for Primary Care-Based Behavioral Services and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed Method Study. Hails, Katherine A; Wellen, Brianna C; Simoni, Marisa; Gaultney, Wendy M; Petts, Rachel A; Hostutler, Cody A; Riley, Andrew R Journal of pediatric psychology 37369014 2023 Jun 27
Effect of an acute long-duration exercise bout on skeletal muscle lipid droplet morphology, GLUT 4 protein, and perilipin protein expression. Bajpeyi, Sudip; Apaflo, Jehu N; Rosas, Victoria; Sepulveda-Rivera, Keisha; Varela-Ramirez, Armando; Covington, Jeffrey D; Galgani, Jose E; Ravussin, Eric European journal of applied physiology 37368137 2023 Jun 27
Large-scale evaluation efforts and their implications for the field. Azzam, Tarek New directions for evaluation 37333468 2022
Implementing case study design to evaluate diverse institutions and STEM education contexts: Lessons and key areas for systematic study. Cobian, Krystle P; White-Lewis, Damani Khary; Hurtado, Sylvia; Ramos, Hector V New directions for evaluation 37333467 2022
Impact of Ascorbic Acid on Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticle and UV-B Mediated Stress in the Cyanobacterium, Fremyella diplosiphon. Wyatt, LaDonna; Gichuki, Samson; Yalcin, Yavuz S; Sitther, Viji Microorganisms 37317219 2023 May 09
DECOUPLING PDE COMPUTATION WITH INTRINSIC OR INERTIAL ROBIN INTERFACE CONDITION. Zhang, Lian; Cai, Mingchao; Mu, Mo Electronic research archive 37305210 2021 Jun
Human genetics influences microbiome composition involved in asthma exacerbations despite inhaled corticosteroid treatment. Perez-Garcia, Javier; Espuela-Ortiz, Antonio; Hernández-Pérez, José M; González-Pérez, Ruperto; Poza-Guedes, Paloma; Martin-Gonzalez, Elena; Eng, Celeste; Sardón-Prado, Olaia; Mederos-Luis, Elena; Corcuera-Elosegui, Paula; Sánchez-Machín, Inmaculada; Kort The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 37301411 2023 Sep
Gauging treatment impact: The development of exposure variables in a large-scale evaluation study. Maccalla, Nicole M G; Purnell, Dawn; McCreath, Heather E; Dennis, Robert A; Seeman, Teresa New directions for evaluation 37292168 2022
Theoretical and conceptual frameworks across local evaluation efforts in a nationwide consortium. Christie, Christina A; Wright, Carmel R New directions for evaluation 37292167 2022
Single-Pill Combination Product Availability of the Antihypertensive Regimens Used for Intensive Systolic Blood Pressure Treatment in the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial. King, Jordan B; Derington, Catherine G; Herrick, Jennifer S; Jacobs, Joshua A; Zheutlin, Alexander R; Conroy, Molly B; Cushman, William C; Bress, Adam P Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979) 37288570 2023 Aug
Advice from local/site evaluators: How to manage "up" within a large-scale initiative. Hwalek, Melanie; Honoré, Matt; Brown, Shavonnea New directions for evaluation 37284175 2022
Lipid production and cellular changes in Fremyella diplosiphon exposed to nanoscale zerovalent iron nanoparticles and ampicillin. Yalcin, Yavuz S; Aydin, Busra; Chen, Huan; Gichuki, Samson; Sitther, Viji Microbial cell factories 37280676 2023 Jun 07
The Impact of Insider Researcher Trainees in Recruiting and Retaining Latinx in an Outdoor Health Promotion Research Study. Mendez, Rebecca; Velazquez, Edgar; Gimenez, Alyssa; Michaud, Midley; Mendez, Jaqueline; Wong, Miriam; Quesada, James; Márquez-Magaña, Leticia; Samayoa, Cathy Journal of racial and ethnic health disparities 37278955 2023 Jun 06
Arts for Whose Sake? Arts Course-taking and Math Achievement in US High Schools. Freeman, Daniel Mackin; Shifrer, Dara Sociological perspectives : SP : official publication of the Pacific Sociological Association 37255527 2023 Apr
Estimating encounter probabilities among recreational trail user groups. McCahon, Shelby; Brinkman, Todd; Klimstra, Ryan Journal of outdoor recreation and tourism 37251798 2023 Jun
Perseverance and consistency of interest in underrepresented post-doctoral fellows and early-career faculty. Thakar, Maya S; Mitchell-Miland, Chantele; Morone, Natalia E; Althouse, Andrew D; Murrell, Audrey J; Rubio, Doris M; White, Gretchen E Journal of clinical and translational science 37250996 2023
Examining the Impact of State-Level Factors on HIV Testing for Medicaid Enrollees With Schizophrenia. Thomas, Marilyn D; Vittinghoff, Eric; Koester, Kimberly A; Dahiya, Priya; Riano, Nicholas S; Cournos, Francine; Dawson, Lindsey; Olfson, Mark; Pinals, Debra A; Crystal, Steven; Walkup, James; Shade, Starley; Mangurian, Christina; Arnold, Emily A Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999) 37229531 2023 Sep 01
Permafrost microbial communities and functional genes are structured by latitudinal and soil geochemical gradients. Waldrop, Mark P; Chabot, Christopher L; Liebner, Susanne; Holm, Stine; Snyder, Michael W; Dillon, Megan; Dudgeon, Steven R; Douglas, Thomas A; Leewis, Mary-Cathrine; Walter Anthony, Katey M; McFarland, Jack W; Arp, Christopher D; Bondurant, Allen C; Taş, The ISME journal 37217592 2023 May 22
Improving biology faculty diversity through a co-hiring policy and faculty agents of change. Harris, Marissa; Rosser, Sue; Goldman, Michael; Márquez-Magaña, Leticia; Rohlfs, Rori V PloS one 37186580 2023
Biocrude Production Using a Novel Cyanobacterium: Pilot-Scale Cultivation and Lipid Extraction via Hydrothermal Liquefaction. Gichuki, Samson; Tabatabai, Behnam; Sitther, Viji Sustainability 37182195 2023 Mar
Interprofessional Near-Peer Mentoring Teams Enhance Cancer Research Training: Sustainable Approaches for Biomedical Workforce Development of Historically Underrepresented Students. Huerta, J J; Figuracion, M T; Vazquez-Cortes, A; Hanna, R R; Hernandez, A C; Benitez, S B; Sipelii, M N; Brooks, T C; ZuZero, D T; Iopu, F M R V; Romero, C R; Chavez, A; Zell, A; Shugerman, S R; Shannon, J S; Marriott, L K Journal of STEM outreach 37179901 2022 Aug
Knight Scholars Program: A Tiered Three-Year Mentored Training Program for Urban and Rural High School High School Students Increases Interest and Self-Efficacy in Interprofessional Cancer Research. Marriott, L K; Shugerman, S R; Chavez, A; Crocker Daniel, L; Martinez, A; Zebroski, D J; Mishalanie, S; Zell, A; Dest, A; Pozhidayeva, D; Wenzel, E S; Omotoy, H L; Druker, B J; Shannon, J Journal of STEM outreach 37179900 2022 Aug
The Role of Mock Reviewing Sessions in the National Research Mentoring Network Strategic Empowerment Tailored for Health Equity Investigators: A Randomized Controlled Study. Mubasher, Mohamed; Pearson, Thomas; Idris, Muhammed Y; Lawson, Kimberly; Holmes, Jada; Pemu, Priscilla; Baez, Adriana; Stiles, Jonathan K; Salazar, Maritza S; Thompson, Winston E; Quarshie, Alexander; Caplan, Lee S; Strekalova, Yulia; Ofili, Elizabeth International journal of environmental research and public health 37174259 2023 May 08
Individual and Institutional Factors Contribute to Research Capacity Building for Early-Stage Investigators from Groups Underrepresented in Biomedical Research: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Strekalova, Yulia A Levites; Kornetti, Diana L; Wang, Ruixuan; Báez, Adriana; Caplan, Lee S; Idris, Muhammed Y; Lawson, Kimberly; Holmes, Jada; Mubasher, Mohamed; Pemu, Priscilla; Stiles, Jonathan K; Campo, Maritza Salazar; Quarshie, Alexander; Pearson, T International journal of environmental research and public health 37174180 2023 Apr 27
Abnormal chondrocyte development in a zebrafish model of cblC syndrome restored by an MMACHC cobalamin binding mutant. Paz, David; Pinales, Briana E; Castellanos, Barbara S; Perez, Isaiah; Gil, Claudia B; Madrigal, Lourdes Jimenez; Reyes-Nava, Nayeli G; Castro, Victoria L; Sloan, Jennifer L; Quintana, Anita M Differentiation; research in biological diversity 37167860 2023
Thermal inkjet bioprinting drastically alters cell phenotype. Ablanedo Morales, Patricia; Rodriguez, Brittany; Furth, Michael E; Molina, Kayla B; Boland, Andrew J; Mohl, Jonaton E; Boland, Thomas Biofabrication 37160133 2023 May 25
Identifying antisense oligonucleotides to disrupt small RNA regulated antibiotic resistance via a cell-free transcription-translation platform. Tsai, Min Jen; Zambrano, Raphael Angelo I; Susas, Jeremiah Lyn; Silva, Lizette; Takahashi, Melissa K bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology 37131760 2023 Apr 20
Environmentally relevant atrazine exposure leads to increases in DNA damage and changes in morphology in the hepatopancreas of crayfish (Faxonius virilis). Hadeed, Mohammad N; Castiglione, Carlie L; Saleem, Sayf; Chammout, Diana H; Muskovac, Mariana D; Crile, Karen G; Abdulelah, Sara A; Maalhagh-Fard, Ali; Rampuri, Ebrahim Y; Grabowski, Gregory M; Belanger, Rachelle M Environmental advances 37122617 2022 Dec
Institution-Wide Analysis of Academic Outcomes Associated with Participation in UGR: Comparison of Different Research Modalities at a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Battaglia, Samantha Jude; Echegoyen, Lourdes E; Diaz-Martinez, Laura A Scholarship and practice of undergraduate research 37090426 2022
From Undergraduate Research to Graduation: Measuring the Robustness of the Pathway at a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Caraballo-Cueto, José; Godreau, Ísar; Tremblay, Raymond L Journal of Hispanic higher education 37090039 2023 Apr
Blending Reproductive Justice into General Education Courses. Leyser-Whalen, Ophra; Monteblanco, Adelle D Feminist pedagogy 37067888 2023
Characterization of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions and CO2 Uptake from Eco-roof Plants. Laguerre, Aurélie; Brennan, Danlyn L; Starry, Olyssa; Rosenstiel, Todd N; Gall, Elliott T Building and environment 37065504 2023 Apr 15
The Relationship between Ninth Graders' Perceptions of Teacher Equity and Their Math Identity: Differences by Student Race and School Racial Composition. Shifrer, Dara; Phillippo, Kate; Tilbrook, Ned; Morton, Karisma Sociology of education 37064253 2023 Apr
Health Disparities Investigator Development through a Team-Science Pilot Projects Program. Hedges, Jerris R; Chow, Dominic C; Fogelgren, Benjamin; Braun, Kathryn L; Tsark, JoAnn U; Ordinado, Susan; Berry, Marla J; Yanagihara, Richard; Mokuau, Noreen International journal of environmental research and public health 37047951 2023 Mar 30
Lysine Deacetylase Substrate Selectivity: Distinct Interaction Surfaces Drive Positive and Negative Selection for Residues Following Acetyllysine. Toro, Tasha B; Bornes, Kiara E; Watt, Terry J Biochemistry 37043688 2023 May 02
Morning Serum Cortisol Is Uniquely Associated with Cardiometabolic Risk Independent of Body Composition in Latino Adolescents. Toledo-Corral, Claudia M; Ding, Li; Morales, Jeremy C; Chapman, Tiffany M; Romero, Melyssa B; Weigensberg, Marc J Metabolic syndrome and related disorders 37042653 2023 May
Impact of COVID-19 on the Research Career Advancement of Health Equity Scholars from Diverse Backgrounds. Báez, Adriana; Idris, Muhammed Y; Lawson, Kimberly; Mubasher, Mohamed; Strekalova, Yulia; Green, Keith; Pemu, Priscilla; Stiles, Jonathan K; Salazar, Martiza; Quarshie, Alexander; Caplan, Lee S; Alema-Mensah, Ernest; Pearson, Thomas; Faupel-Badger, Jessic International journal of environmental research and public health 36981658 2023 Mar 08
Academic Achievement of Latino/a Students Who Began College before Age 18 at a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Garcia, Marilyn; Grineski, Sara; Morales, Danielle X; Corral, Guadalupe Journal of Latinos and education 36970309 2023
Cultivating cultural capitals in introductory algebra-based physics through reflective journaling. Tran, Khanh; Barrera, Ana Maria; Coble, Kim; Arreguin, Mireya; Harris, Marissa; Macha-Lopez, Alex; Perez, Michaela; Eroy-Reveles, Alegra Physical review. Physics education research 36970049 2022
Racial/ethnic and Gender Inequalities in Third Grade Children's Self-perceived STEM Competencies. Morales, Danielle Xiaodan; Grineski, Sara Elizabeth; Collins, Timothy William Educational studies 36950335 2023
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