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The search results on this publication page are automated on a monthly schedule based on acknowledgement of NIH Common Fund award numbers and intramural awards. Therefore, this list is not an exhaustive or error-free account of the program’s publications.

Title Authors Journal PubMedID Publication Date
Lapses in Long-Term Care Insurance. Friedberg, Leora; Hou, Wenliang; Sun, Wei; Webb, Anthony The Journal of risk and insurance 37954461 2023 Sep
Family spillovers and long-term care insurance. Coe, Norma B; Goda, Gopi Shah; Van Houtven, Courtney Harold Journal of health economics 37315472 2023 Jul
The Electronic Health Record as the Primary Data Source in a Pragmatic Trial: A Case Study. Russell, Louise B; Huang, Qian; Lin, Yuqing; Norton, Laurie A; Zhu, Jingsan; Iannotte, L G; Asch, David A; Mehta, Shivan J; Tanna, Monique S; Troxel, Andrea B; Volpp, Kevin G; Goldberg, Lee R Medical decision making : an international journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making 35018863 2022 Jan 12
Wealth and the utilization of long-term care services: evidence from the United States. Dong, Jing; He, Daifeng; Nyman, John A; Konetzka, R Tamara International journal of health economics and management 33782835 2021 Mar 30
Estimates of ACO savings in the presence of provider and beneficiary selection. Ouayogodé, Mariétou H; Meara, Ellen; Ho, Kate; Snyder, Christopher M; Colla, Carrie H Healthcare (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 33412439 2021 Mar
Using Clinical Trial Data to Estimate the Costs of Behavioral Interventions for Potential Adopters: A Guide for Trialists. Russell, Louise B; Norton, Laurie A; Pagnotti, David; Sevinc, Christianne; Anderson, Sophia; Finnerty Bigelow, Darra; Iannotte, Lauren G; Josephs, Michael; McGilloway, Ryan; Barankay, Iwan; Putt, Mary E; Reese, Peter P; Asch, David A; Goldberg, Lee R; Mehta, Shivan J; Tanna, Monique S; Troxel, Andrea B; Volpp, Kevin G Medical decision making : an international journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making 33218296 2021 01
Association between specialist compensation and Accountable Care Organization performance. Ganguli, Ishani; Lupo, Claire; Mainor, Alexander J; Orav, Endel John; Blanchfield, Bonnie B; Lewis, Valerie A; Colla, Carrie H Health services research. 32715464 2020 Jul 27;
Primary care physician practice styles and quality, cost, and productivity. Luft, Harold S; Liang, Su-Ying; Eaton, Laura J; Chung, Sukyung The American journal of managed care. 32270990 2020 04 01;
Continuation of Annual Screening Mammography and Breast Cancer Mortality in Women Older Than 70 Years. García-Albéniz, Xabier; Hernán, Miguel A; Logan, Roger W; Price, Mary; Armstrong, Katrina; Hsu, John Annals of internal medicine 32092767 2020 03 17
Prediction of neurocognition in youth from resting state fMRI. Sripada, Chandra; Rutherford, Saige; Angstadt, Mike; Thompson, Wesley K; Luciana, Monica; Weigard, Alexander; Hyde, Luke H; Heitzeg, Mary Molecular psychiatry. 31427753 2019 Aug 19;
Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Medicaid: Lessons from Oregon. Kushner, Jonah; McConnell, K John Journal of health politics, policy and law. 31408877 2019 12 01;
The Habit Formation trial of behavioral economic interventions to improve statin use and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease: Rationale, design and methodologies. Putt, Mary E; Reese, Peter P; Volpp, Kevin G; Russell, Louise B; Loewenstein, George; Yan, Jiali; Pagnotti, David; McGilloway, Ryan; Brennen, Troyen; Finnerty, Darra; Hoffer, Karen; Chadha, Sakshum; Barankay, Iwan Clinical trials (London, England). 31148473 2019 Aug;
Changes in Use of Postacute Care Associated With Accountable Care Organizations in Hip Fracture, Stroke, and Pneumonia Hospitalized Cohorts. Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A; Stachowski, Courtney; Usadi, Benjamin; Gottlieb, Daniel J; Bynum, Julie P W Medical care. 31008898 2019 Jun;
Medicare claims can identify post-stroke epilepsy. Moura, Lidia M V R; Smith, Jason R; Blacker, Deborah; Vogeli, Christine; Schwamm, Lee H; Hsu, John Epilepsy research. 30780120 2019 03;
Are value-based incentives driving behavior change to improve value? Damberg, Cheryl L; Silverman, Marissa; Burgette, Lane; Vaiana, Mary E; Ridgely, M Susan The American journal of managed care 30763040 2019 02 01
Epilepsy Among Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries: A Validated Approach to Identify Prevalent and Incident Epilepsy. Moura, Lidia M V R; Smith, Jason R; Blacker, Deborah; Vogeli, Christine; Schwamm, Lee H; Cole, Andrew J; Hernandez-Diaz, Sonia; Hsu, John Medical care. 30762723 2019 04;
Predictors of substance use treatment initiation and engagement among adult and adolescent Medicaid recipients. Lind , PhD, Bonnie K; McCarty , PhD, Dennis; Gu , MS, Yifan; Baker , PhD, Robin; John McConnell , PhD, K Substance abuse. 30759050 2019;
Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Updated Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines for Average-Risk Women. Tina Shih, Ya-Chen; Dong, Wenli; Xu, Ying; Shen, Yu Value in health : the journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. 30711063 2019 02;
Sample selection in the face of design constraints: Use of clustering to define sample strata for qualitative research. Burgette, Lane F; Escarce, José J; Paddock, Susan M; Ridgely, Marjorie S; Wilder, Warren G; Yanagihara, Dolores; Damberg, Cheryl L Health services research. 30548243 2019 Apr;
The Effect of Medicare Accountable Care Organizations on Early and Late Payments for Cardiovascular Disease Episodes. Sinha, Shashank S; Moloci, Nicholas M; Ryan, Andrew M; Markovitz, Adam A; Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A; Hollenbeck, Brent K; Nallamothu, Brahmajee K; Hollingsworth, John M Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes. 30354375 2018 08;
Effects of long-term care setting on spousal health outcomes. Dong, Jing; Pollack, Harold; Konetzka, Rita Tamara Health services research. 30246337 2019 Feb;
Access to treatment for alcohol use disorders following Oregon's health care reforms and Medicaid expansion. McCarty, Dennis; Gu, Yifan; Renfro, Stephanie; Baker, Robin; Lind, Bonnie K; McConnell, K John Journal of substance abuse treatment. 30243413 2018 11;
Forgotten patients: ACO attribution omits those with low service use and the dying. Ouayogodé, Mariétou H; Meara, Ellen; Chang, Chiang-Hua; Raymond, Stephanie R; Bynum, Julie P W; Lewis, Valerie A; Colla, Carrie H The American journal of managed care. 30020755 2018 07 01;
Overcoming Barriers to Adopting and Implementing Pharmacotherapy: the Medication Research Partnership. Croff, Raina; Hoffman, Kim; Alanis-Hirsch, Kelly; Ford, Jay; McCarty, Dennis; Schmidt, Laura The journal of behavioral health services & research. 29845513 2019 Apr;
Adverse Selection into and within the Individual Health Insurance Market in California in 2014. Fung, Vicki; Peitzman, Cassandra G K; Shi, Julie; Liang, Catherine Y; Dow, William H; Zaslavsky, Alan M; Fireman, Bruce H; Derose, Stephen F; Chernew, Michael E; Newhouse, Joseph P; Hsu, John Health services research. 29774534 2018 10;
2SLS versus 2SRI: Appropriate methods for rare outcomes and/or rare exposures. Basu, Anirban; Coe, Norma B; Chapman, Cole G Health economics. 29577493 2018 06;
Medicare Accountable Care Organizations of Diverse Structures Achieve Comparable Quality and Cost Performance. Comfort, Leeann N; Shortell, Stephen M; Rodriguez, Hector P; Colla, Carrie H Health services research. 29388199 2018 08;
Public Health Policy Strategies to Address the Opioid Epidemic. Holton, Dwight; White, Elizabeth; McCarty, Dennis Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. 29384192 2018 06;
Treatment and Prevention of Opioid Use Disorder: Challenges and Opportunities. McCarty, Dennis; Priest, Kelsey C; Korthuis, P Todd Annual review of public health. 29272165 2018 04 01;
Impact of consumer-directed health plans on low-value healthcare. Reid, Rachel O; Rabideau, Brendan; Sood, Neeraj The American journal of managed care. 29261240 2017 Dec;
Wellness Programs With Financial Incentives Through Disparities Lens. Cuellar, Alison; LoSasso, Anthony T; Shah, Mona; Atwood, Alicia; Lewis-Walls, Tanya R American journal of health promotion : AJHP. 29202585 2018 02;
Physician Practice Transitions to System Ownership Do Not Result in Diminished Practice Responsiveness to Patients. Poon, Bing Ying; Shortell, Stephen; Rodriguez, Hector P Health services research. 29143325 2018 08;
Comparing Care for Dual-Eligibles Across Coverage Models: Empirical Evidence From Oregon. Kim, Hyunjee; Charlesworth, Christina J; McConnell, K John; Valentine, Jennifer B; Grabowski, David C Medical care research and review : MCRR. 29139330 2019 10;
What Role Does Efficiency Play in Understanding the Relationship Between Cost and Quality in Physician Organizations? Paddock, Susan M; Damberg, Cheryl L; Yanagihara, Dolores; Adams, John L; Burgette, Lane; Escarce, José J Medical care. 29068905 2017 Dec;
Does Enrollment in High-Deductible Health Plans Encourage Price Shopping? Zhang, Xinke; Haviland, Amelia; Mehrotra, Ateev; Huckfeldt, Peter; Wagner, Zachary; Sood, Neeraj Health services research. 29058316 2018 08;
Notice of Retraction and Replacement: Colla et al. Association between Medicare accountable care organization implementation and spending among clinically vulnerable beneficiaries. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2016;176(8):1167-1175. Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A; Kao, Lee-Sien; O'Malley, A James; Chang, Chiang-Hua; Fisher, Elliott S JAMA internal medicine 28892536 2017 11 01
Distribution of lifetime nursing home use and of out-of-pocket spending. Hurd, Michael D; Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Rohwedder, Susann Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 28847934 2017 Sep 12;
What Defines a High-Performing Health Care Delivery System: A Systematic Review. Ahluwalia, Sangeeta C; Damberg, Cheryl L; Silverman, Marissa; Motala, Aneesa; Shekelle, Paul G Joint Commission journal on quality and patient safety 28844231 2017 09
The value of explicitly emulating a target trial when using real world evidence: an application to colorectal cancer screening. García-Albéniz, Xabier; Hsu, John; Hernán, Miguel A European journal of epidemiology. 28748498 2017 06;
The long term effects of ''Consumer-Directed'' health plans on preventive care use. Eisenberg, Matthew D; Haviland, Amelia M; Mehrotra, Ateev; Huckfeldt, Peter J; Sood, Neeraj Journal of health economics. 28712437 2017 Sep;
Association of Electroconvulsive Therapy With Psychiatric Readmissions in US Hospitals. Slade, Eric P; Jahn, Danielle R; Regenold, William T; Case, Brady G JAMA psychiatry. 28658489 2017 08 01;
Controlling the Cost of Medicaid. McConnell, K John; Chernew, Michael E The New England journal of medicine. 28614039 2017 Jul 20;
End-of-Life Care Planning in Accountable Care Organizations: Associations with Organizational Characteristics and Capabilities. Ahluwalia, Sangeeta C; Harris, Benjamin J; Lewis, Valerie A; Colla, Carrie H Health services research. 28560783 2017 May 30;
Oregon's Medicaid Reform And Transition To Global Budgets Were Associated With Reductions In Expenditures. McConnell, K John; Renfro, Stephanie; Lindrooth, Richard C; Cohen, Deborah J; Wallace, Neal T; Chernew, Michael E Health affairs (Project Hope). 28264946 2017 Mar 01;
Initial Session Duration and Mortality Among Incident Hemodialysis Patients. Swaminathan, Shailender; Mor, Vincent; Mehrotra, Rajnish; Trivedi, Amal N American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation. 28233656 2017 Jul;
Personalized medicine for prevention: can risk stratified screening decrease colorectal cancer mortality at an acceptable cost? Subramanian, Sujha; Bobashev, Georgiy; Morris, Robert J; Hoover, Sonja Cancer causes & control : CCC. 28224411 2017 04;
Accuracy of claims-based algorithms for epilepsy research: Revealing the unseen performance of claims-based studies. Moura, Lidia M V R; Price, Maggie; Cole, Andrew J; Hoch, Daniel B; Hsu, John Epilepsia. 28199007 2017 04;
Early Performance in Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations: A Comparison of Oregon and Colorado. McConnell, K John; Renfro, Stephanie; Chan, Benjamin K S; Meath, Thomas H A; Mendelson, Aaron; Cohen, Deborah; Waxmonsky, Jeanette; McCarty, Dennis; Wallace, Neal; Lindrooth, Richard C JAMA internal medicine. 28192568 2017 Apr 01;
Population Impact & Efficiency of Benefit-Targeted Versus Risk-Targeted Statin Prescribing for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. Pletcher, Mark J; Pignone, Michael; Jarmul, Jamie A; Moran, Andrew E; Vittinghoff, Eric; Newman, Thomas Journal of the American Heart Association. 28188251 2017 02 10;
Causal inference as an emerging statistical approach in neurology: an example for epilepsy in the elderly. Moura, Lidia Mvr; Westover, M Brandon; Kwasnik, David; Cole, Andrew J; Hsu, John Clinical epidemiology. 28115873 2017;
Comparing Emergency Department Use Among Medicaid and Commercial Patients Using All-Payer All-Claims Data. Kim, Hyunjee; McConnell, K John; Sun, Benjamin C Population health management. 28075692 2017 Jan 11;
Patients Who Choose Primary Care Physicians Based On Low Office Visit Price Can Realize Broader Savings. Mehrotra, Ateev; Huckfeldt, Peter J; Haviland, Amelia M; Gascue, Laura; Sood, Neeraj Health affairs (Project Hope). 27920322 2016 12 01;
Patient-reported financial barriers to adherence to treatment in neurology. Moura, Lidia Mvr; Schwamm, Eli L; Moura Junior, Valdery; Seitz, Michael P; Hoch, Daniel B; Hsu, John; Schwamm, Lee H ClinicoEconomics and outcomes research : CEOR. 27895506 2016;
Impact of Copayment Changes on Children's Albuterol Inhaler Use and Costs after the Clean Air Act Chlorofluorocarbon Ban. Galbraith, Alison A; Fung, Vicki; Li, Lingling; Butler, Melissa G; Nordin, James D; Hsu, John; Smith, David; Vollmer, William M; Lieu, Tracy A; Soumerai, Stephen B; Wu, Ann Chen Health services research. 27868200 2018 02;
Association between addressing antiseizure drug side effects and patient-reported medication adherence in epilepsy. Moura, Lidia M V R; Carneiro, Thiago S; Cole, Andrew J; Hsu, John; Vickrey, Barbara G; Hoch, Daniel B Patient preference and adherence. 27826186 2016;
Feasibility of the collection of patient-reported outcomes in an ambulatory neurology clinic. Moura, Lidia M V R; Schwamm, Eli; Moura Junior, Valdery; Seitz, Michael P; Hsu, John; Cole, Andrew J; Schwamm, Lee H Neurology 27815405 2016 Dec 06
The Perceived Impact of 42 CFR Part 2 on Coordination and Integration of Care: A Qualitative Analysis. McCarty, Dennis; Rieckmann, Traci; Baker, Robin L; McConnell, K John Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.). 27799017 2017 Mar 01;
ACOs Holding Commercial Contracts Are Larger And More Efficient Than Noncommercial ACOs. Peiris, David; Phipps-Taylor, Madeleine C; Stachowski, Courtney A; Kao, Lee-Sien; Shortell, Stephen M; Lewis, Valerie A; Rosenthal, Meredith B; Colla, Carrie H Health affairs (Project Hope). 27702959 2016 Oct 1;
Determinants of success in Shared Savings Programs: An analysis of ACO and market characteristics. Ouayogodé, Mariétou H; Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A Healthcare (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 27687917 2016 Sep 27;
Low-Value Health Care Services in a Commercially Insured Population. Reid, Rachel O; Rabideau, Brendan; Sood, Neeraj JAMA internal medicine. 27571327 2016 10 01;
Medical Underwriting In Long-Term Care Insurance: Market Conditions Limit Options For Higher-Risk Consumers. Cornell, Portia Y; Grabowski, David C; Cohen, Marc; Shi, Xiaomei; Stevenson, David G Health affairs (Project Hope). 27503976 2016 Aug 01;
New rules for Medicaid managed care - Do they undermine payment reform? Mendelson, Aaron; Goldberg, Bruce; McConnell, K John Healthcare (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 27469442 2016 Jul 25;
Association Between Medicare Accountable Care Organization Implementation and Spending Among Clinically Vulnerable Beneficiaries. Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A; Kao, Lee-Sien; O'Malley, A James; Chang, Chiang-Hua; Fisher, Elliott S JAMA internal medicine. 27322485 2016 Aug 1;
Comparison of Low-Value Care in Medicaid vs Commercially Insured Populations. Charlesworth, Christina J; Meath, Thomas H A; Schwartz, Aaron L; McConnell, K John JAMA internal medicine. 27244044 2016 Jul 1;
Screening Mammography for Free: Impact of Eliminating Cost Sharing on Cancer Screening Rates. Jena, Anupam B; Huang, Jie; Fireman, Bruce; Fung, Vicki; Gazelle, Scott; Landrum, Mary Beth; Chernew, Michael; Newhouse, Joseph P; Hsu, John Health services research. 26990550 2016 Mar 17;
Hospitals Participating In ACOs Tend To Be Large And Urban, Allowing Access To Capital And Data. Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A; Tierney, Emily; Muhlestein, David B Health affairs (Project Hope). 26953297 2016 Mar;
Oregon's Medicaid Coordinated Care Organizations. McConnell, K John JAMA. 26847402 2016 Mar 1;
Accountability across the Continuum: The Participation of Postacute Care Providers in Accountable Care Organizations. Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A; Bergquist, Savannah L; Shortell, Stephen M Health services research. 26799992 2016 Aug;
Cost-Sharing Obligations, High-Deductible Health Plan Growth, and Shopping for Health Care: Enrollees With Skin in the Game. Sinaiko, Anna D; Mehrotra, Ateev; Sood, Neeraj JAMA internal medicine. 26784644 2016 Mar;
The Concentration of Opioid Prescriptions by Providers and Among Patients in the Oregon Medicaid Program. Kim, Hyunjee; Hartung, Daniel M; Jacob, Reside L; McCarty, Dennis; McConnell, K John Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.). 26766755 2016 Apr 1;
Preventive Care Quality of Medicare Accountable Care Organizations: Associations of Organizational Characteristics With Performance. Albright, Benjamin B; Lewis, Valerie A; Ross, Joseph S; Colla, Carrie H Medical care. 26759974 2016 Mar;
Extended-Release Naltrexone: A Qualitative Analysis of Barriers to Routine Use. Alanis-Hirsch, Kelly; Croff, Raina; Ford 2nd, James H; Johnson, Kim; Chalk, Mady; Schmidt, Laura; McCarty, Dennis Journal of substance abuse treatment. 26654934 2016 Mar;
Understanding the Context for Long-Term Care Planning. Broyles, Ila H; Sperber, Nina R; Voils, Corrine I; Konetzka, R Tamara; Coe, Norma B; Van Houtven, Courtney Harold Medical care research and review : MCRR. 26553887 2016 06;
Comparing the cost-effectiveness of four novel risk markers for screening asymptomatic individuals to prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the US population. van Kempen, Bob J H; Ferket, Bart S; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Max, Wendy; Myriam Hunink, M G; Fleischmann, Kirsten E International journal of cardiology 26547049 2016 Jan 15
Smaller Cigarette Pack as a Commitment to Smoke Less? Insights from Behavioral Economics. Marti, Joachim; Sindelar, Jody PloS one. 26356844 2015;
Interpreting Hemoglobin A1C in Combination With Conventional Risk Factors for Prediction of Cardiovascular Risk. Jarmul, Jamie A; Pignone, Michael; Pletcher, Mark J Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes. 26349840 2015 Sep;
Health outcomes in US children with abdominal pain at major emergency departments associated with race and socioeconomic status. Wang, Louise; Haberland, Corinna; Thurm, Cary; Bhattacharya, Jay; Park, K T PloS one. 26267816 2015;
How Automation Can Help Alleviate the Budget Crunch in Public Health Research. Muennig, Peter A American journal of public health. 26180952 2015 Sep;
Assessing the Representativeness of Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Inpatient Utilization Data for Individuals With Psychiatric and Nonpsychiatric Conditions. Slade, Eric P; Goldman, Howard H; Dixon, Lisa B; Gibbons, Brent; Stuart, Elizabeth A Medical care research and review : MCRR. 26149973 2015 Dec;
Impact of a Telepsychiatry Program at Emergency Departments Statewide on the Quality, Utilization, and Costs of Mental Health Services. Narasimhan, Meera; Druss, Benjamin G; Hockenberry, Jason M; Royer, Julie; Weiss, Paul; Glick, Gretl; Marcus, Steven C; Magill, John Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.). 26129992 2015 Nov 1;
Future Monetary Costs of Dementia in the United States under Alternative Dementia Prevalence Scenarios. Hurd, Michael D; Martorell, Paco; Langa, Kenneth Journal of population ageing. 25926904 2015 Mar;
Role of pharmacy services in accountable care organizations. Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A; Beaulieu-Jones, Brendin R; Morden, Nancy E Journal of managed care & specialty pharmacy. 25803767 2015 Apr;
Family structure and long-term care insurance purchase. Van Houtven, Courtney Harold; Coe, Norma B; Konetzka, R Tamara Health economics. 25760583 2015 Mar;
Long-term care insurance: Does experience matter? Coe, Norma B; Skira, Meghan M; Van Houtven, Courtney Harold Journal of health economics. 25647006 2015 Mar;
Oregon's Medicaid Transformation: An Innovative Approach To Holding A Health System Accountable For Spending Growth. McConnell, K John; Chang, Anna Marie; Cohen, Deborah J; Wallace, Neal; Chernew, Michael E; Kautz, Glenn; McCarty, Dennis; McFarland, Bentson; Wright, Bill; Smith, Jeanene Healthcare (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 25540719 2014 Sep;
Oregon's medicaid transformationýýý--ýýýobservations on organizational structure and strategy. Chang, Anna Marie; Cohen, Deborah J; McCarty, Dennis; Rieckmann, Traci; McConnell, K John Journal of health politics, policy and law. 25480851 2015 Feb;
Implementation of a pilot accountable care organization payment model and the use of discretionary and nondiscretionary cardiovascular care. Colla, Carrie H; Goodney, Philip P; Lewis, Valerie A; Nallamothu, Brahmajee K; Gottlieb, Daniel J; Meara, Ellen Circulation. 25421044 2014 Nov 25;
Effect of Medicare Dialysis Payment Reform on Use of Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents. Swaminathan, Shailender; Mor, Vincent; Mehrotra, Rajnish; Trivedi, Amal N Health services research. 25355431 2014 Oct 30;
Price-Shopping in Consumer-Directed Health Plans. Sood, Neeraj; Wagner, Zachary; Huckfeldt, Peter; Haviland, Amelia Forum for health economics & policy. 25342936 2013;
Association between availability of health service prices and payments for these services. Whaley, Christopher; Schneider Chafen, Jennifer; Pinkard, Sophie; Kellerman, Gabriella; Bravata, Dena; Kocher, Robert; Sood, Neeraj JAMA. 25335149 2014 Oct 22-29;
Exposing physicians to reduced residency work hours did not adversely affect patient outcomes after residency. Jena, Anupam B; Schoemaker, Lena; Bhattacharya, Jay Health affairs (Project Hope). 25288430 2014 Oct;
Differences in healthcare expenditures for inflammatory bowel disease by insurance status, income, and clinical care setting. Park, Michelle D; Bhattacharya, Jay; Park, Kt PeerJ. 25279267 2014;
Public Reporting and Demand Rationing: Evidence from the Nursing Home Industry. He, Daifeng; Konetzka, R Tamara Health economics. 25236842 2015 Nov;
How Can Adult Children Influence Parents' Long-Term Care Insurance Purchase Decisions? Sperber, Nina R; Voils, Corrine I; Coe, Norma B; Konetzka, R Tamara; Boles, Jillian; Van Houtven, Courtney Harold The Gerontologist. 25209446 2014 Sep 10;
Considerations for observational research using large data sets in radiation oncology. Jagsi, Reshma; Bekelman, Justin E; Chen, Aileen; Chen, Ronald C; Hoffman, Karen; Shih, Ya-Chen Tina; Smith, Benjamin D; Yu, James B International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. 25195986 2014 Sep 1;
Impact of a patient incentive program on receipt of preventive care. Mehrotra, Ateev; An, Ruopeng; Patel, Deepak N; Sturm, Roland The American journal of managed care. 25180436 2014 Jun;
Oregon's strategy to confront prescription opioid misuse: a case study. McCarty, Dennis; Bovett, Rob; Burns, Thomas; Cushing, Judy; Glynn, Mary Ellen; Kruse, Senator Jeff; Millet, Lisa M; Shames, Jim Journal of substance abuse treatment. 25168199 2015 Jan;
Cost-effectiveness of alternative strategies for integrating MRI into breast cancer screening for women at high risk. Ahern, C H; Shih, Y-C T; Dong, W; Parmigiani, G; Shen, Y British journal of cancer. 25137022 2014 Oct 14;
Prescription opioid use among disabled medicare beneficiaries: intensity, trends, and regional variation. Morden, Nancy E; Munson, Jeffrey C; Colla, Carrie H; Skinner, Jonathan S; Bynum, Julie P W; Zhou, Weiping; Meara, Ellen Medical care 25119955 2014 Sep
Cancer spending and accountable care organizations: Evidence from the Physician Group Practice Demonstration. Colla, Carrie H; Lewis, Valerie A; Gottlieb, Daniel J; Fisher, Elliott S Healthcare : the journal of delivery science and innovation 25072017 2013 Dec 1
Towards better clinical prediction models: seven steps for development and an ABCD for validation. Steyerberg, Ewout W; Vergouwe, Yvonne European heart journal 24898551 2014 Aug 1
Utilization trends of anti-TNF agents and health outcomes in adults and children with inflammatory bowel diseases: a single-center experience. Park, K T; Sin, Aaron; Wu, May; Bass, Dorsey; Bhattacharya, Jay Inflammatory bowel diseases 24846718 2014 Jul
Baseline characteristics predict risk of progression and response to combination medical therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Kozminski, Michael A; Wei, John T; Nelson, Jason; Kent, David M BJU international 24825577 2014 May 13
Diabetes diagnosis and exercise initiation among older Americans. Leung, Leigh Ann; Swaminathan, Shailender; Trivedi, Amal N Preventive medicine 24823905 2014 May 10
The Dynamics of Psychiatric Bed Use in General Hospitals. Slade, Eric P; Goldman, Howard H Administration and policy in mental health 24756929 2014 Apr 23
Medicaid Primary Care Physician Fees and the Use of Preventive Services among Medicaid Enrollees. Atherly, Adam; Mortensen, Karoline Health services research 24628495 2014 Aug
Using the coronary artery calcium score to guide statin therapy: a cost-effectiveness analysis. Pletcher, Mark J; Pignone, Michael; Earnshaw, Stephanie; McDade, Cheryl; Phillips, Kathryn A; Auer, Reto; Zablotska, Lydia; Greenland, Philip Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes 24619318 2014 Mar
Predictive value of updating Framingham risk scores with novel risk markers in the U.S. general population. Ferket, Bart S; van Kempen, Bob J H; Hunink, M G Myriam; Agarwal, Isha; Kavousi, Maryam; Franco, Oscar H; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Max, Wendy; Fleischmann, Kirsten E PloS one 24558385 2014
First do no harm: population-based study shows non-evidence-based trastuzumab prescription may harm elderly women with breast cancer. Shih, Ya-Chen Tina; Xu, Ying; Dong, Wenli; Smieliauskas, Fabrice; Giordano, Sharon; Shen, Yu Breast cancer research and treatment 24557339 2014 Apr
Substance abuse intensive outpatient programs: assessing the evidence. McCarty, Dennis; Braude, Lisa; Lyman, D Russell; Dougherty, Richard H; Daniels, Allen S; Ghose, Sushmita Shoma; Delphin-Rittmon, Miriam E Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.). 24445620 2014 Jun 01;
The effects of obesity, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake on healthcare expenditure in a comprehensive medical scheme. Sturm, R; An, R; Maroba, J; Patel, D South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde 24148168 2013 Nov
Financial versus health motivation to quit smoking: a randomized field study. Sindelar, Jody L; O'Malley, Stephanie S Preventive medicine 24139975 2014 Feb
Population-based determinants of radical prostatectomy operative time. Carter, Stacey C; Lipsitz, Stuart; Shih, Ya-Chen T; Nguyen, Paul L; Trinh, Quoc-Dien; Hu, Jim C BJU international 24053198 2014 May
Provincial screening rates for chronic diseases of lifestyle, cancers and HIV in a health-insured population. Adonis, L; An, R; Luiz, J; Mehrotra, A; Patel, D; Basu, D; Sturm, R South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde 23971120 2013 May
Interpretation of the coronary artery calcium score in combination with conventional cardiovascular risk factors: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). Pletcher, Mark J; Sibley, Christopher T; Pignone, Michael; Vittinghoff, Eric; Greenland, Philip Circulation 23884352 2013 Sep 3
Different analyses estimate different parameters of the effect of erythropoietin stimulating agents on survival in end stage renal disease: a comparison of payment policy analysis, instrumental variables, and multiple imputation of potential outcomes. Dore, David D; Swaminathan, Shailender; Gutman, Roee; Trivedi, Amal N; Mor, Vincent Journal of clinical epidemiology 23849152 2013 Aug
Systems science and childhood obesity: a systematic review and new directions. Cockrell Skinner, Asheley; Foster, E Michael Journal of obesity 23710344 2013
A cash-back rebate program for healthy food purchases in South Africa: results from scanner data. Sturm, Roland; An, Ruopeng; Segal, Darren; Patel, Deepak American journal of preventive medicine 23683973 2013 Jun
Effect of including cancer mortality on the cost-effectiveness of aspirin for primary prevention in men. Pignone, Michael; Earnshaw, Stephanie; McDade, Cheryl; Pletcher, Mark J Journal of general internal medicine 23681842 2013 Nov
Treatment patterns and survival among low-income medicaid patients with head and neck cancer. Subramanian, Sujha; Chen, Amy JAMA otolaryngology-- head & neck surgery 23598992 2013 May
Parity: an ongoing challenge and research opportunity. McCarty, Dennis The American journal of psychiatry. 23377632 2013 Feb;
Effectiveness of subsidies in promoting healthy food purchases and consumption: a review of field experiments. An, Ruopeng Public health nutrition 23122423 2013 Jul
Spending differences associated with the Medicare Physician Group Practice Demonstration. Colla, Carrie H; Wennberg, David E; Meara, Ellen; Skinner, Jonathan S; Gottlieb, Daniel; Lewis, Valerie A; Snyder, Christopher M; Fisher, Elliott S JAMA. 22968890 2012 Sep 12;
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Eating better for less: a national discount program for healthy food purchases in South Africa. An, Ruopeng; Patel, Deepak; Segal, Darren; Sturm, Roland American journal of health behavior 22943101 2013 Jan
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