SPARC Program Resources

Translational Partnerships

Visit the Translational Partnerships page to learn about companies that participated in SPARC Phase 1 and their device information.

Other Transactions

Visit the Other Transactions page to learn about the guidelines and policies that apply to Other Transactions (OT) awards used by the SPARC program.

Stage One of the SPARC Program

The first stage of the program supported five key SPARC Components:

  • SPARC1 mapped the connections among a variety of different nerves and organ systems
  • SPARC2 supported the development of new tools and technologies
  • SPARC3 supported translational partnerships for human functional mapping and new indications
  • SPARC4 created a rich public resource (the SPARC Portal, available at that provides scientists with cutting-edge information and tools for advancing bioelectronic medicine
  • SPARC5 supported anatomical and functional mapping of neural circuitry mediating visceral pain

Stage One SPARC Awards: Other Transactions (OT2 and OT3) and Cooperative Agreements (U18 and U01)

Use the various organ and neuromodulation icons below to explore the research portfolio supported during the first stage of the SPARC program.

Please be aware that some projects span multiple organs and other neural targets.

This page last reviewed on February 3, 2023