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The goal of the NIH Common Fund’s Nutrition for Precision Health, powered by the All of Us Research Program, is to develop algorithms that predict individual responses to food and dietary patterns. Nutrition plays an integral role in human development and in the prevention and treatment of disease. However, there's no such thing as a perfect, one-size-fits-all diet. The NPH program will build on recent advances in biomedical science including artificial intelligence (AI), microbiome research, as well as the infrastructure and large, diverse participant group of the All of Us Research Program. These advances provide unprecedented opportunities to generate new data to provide insight into personalized nutrition also referred to as precision nutrition. 

In addition, the first ever Strategic Plan for NIH Nutrition Research emphasized opportunities to improve our understanding of how individual human biology and molecular pathways influence relationships among diet and environmental, social, and behavioral factors to influence health. Designed to implement aspects of the Strategic Plan, the Nutrition for Precision Health program will conduct a study nested in the All of Us Research Program to explore how individuals respond to different diets. The NPH study is the first ancillary study to leverage the All of Us infrastructure to answer scientific questions important to participants like understanding more about the role of nutrition in health.  High-quality nutrition studies such as the NPH study will help individuals and their health care providers create healthy, precise, and effective diet plans. 

The objectives of the study are: 
 1. To examine individual differences observed in response to different diets by studying the interactions between diet, genes, proteins, microbiome, metabolism and other individual contextual factors
2. To use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop algorithms to predict individual responses to foods and dietary patterns
3. To validate algorithms for clinical application  

Nutrition for Precision Health, powered by the All of Us Research Program is a service mark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

NPH Center and Site Locations

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This page last reviewed on May 16, 2023