Program Snapshot

The NIH Common Fund Metabolomics Program has been approved for a second stage of support from FY18-21. The overall goal for Stage II of the Metabolomics Program is to realize the potential of metabolomics to inform basic, translational, and clinical research by:

  1. Establishing an enduring national public repository for metabolomic data
  2. Overcoming technical hurdles in analyzing and interpreting metabolomics data, including the ability to determine metabolite identities
  3. Developing consensus for, and promoting adoption of, best practices and guidelines to promote accuracy, reproducibility, and re-analysis of metabolomics data in collaboration with the national and international communities

In stage II, the Metabolomics Program will continue to support the development of resources that catalyze the effective use of metabolomics in basic and translational biomedical research.

The first stage of the Metabolomics Program was highly successful in supporting the increased use of metabolomics in biomedical research. During this stage, the Metabolomics Program accomplished the following goals:

  • Develop a one-stop shop for metabolomics related information at the Metabolomics Workbench. Here you can find the data repository, metabolomics tools and reference standards, and experimental protocols.
  • Supported the development of new tools and technologies for metabolomics research.
  • Instituted six metabolomics resource cores around the country to increase the national capacity to conduct metabolomics research. These cores are still functioning to provide metabolomics services as the program transitions to stage II.
  • Supported different training opportunities to teach researchers how to do their own metabolomics studies.

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This page last reviewed on June 19, 2019