The Common Fund Metabolomics Program supports multiple capacity-building initiatives, and resources available to the community include those described here. All resources developed by the program can be found at the Metabolomics Workbench.

Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Cores (RCMRCs)

Metabolomics Data Access

The Metabolomics Workbench provides public access to a data repository, which allows researchers to upload, search, and analyze metabolomics data via online interfaces. The repository can accommodate a variety of metabolite analyses, including, but not limited to MS and NMR. In order to ensure reproducibility and interoperable use of data, experimental metadata is required to be deposited along with the metabolite measurements. Please read these tutorials for more information on data deposition. 

A metabolite database containing structures and annotations of more than 61,000 biologically relevant metabolites, collected from public repositories such as LIPID MAPS, ChEMBL, and PubChem, is also available at the Metabolomics Workbench. 

Technology and Tools

The Common Fund Metabolomics program has developed technologies and tools to:

  • Improve how samples are obtained, prepared, and handled
  • Increase the accuracy and precision of metabolomics dectectors
  • Web-based tools for metabolite identification and structure drawing
  • Analysis and visualization of spectral libraries
  • Make data handling and analysis more robust

More information on metabolomics technologies and tools can be found at the Metabolomics Workbench. In addition, protocols for general and specific metabolomics studies may also be accessed. 

Training Opportunities

The Metabolomics Workbench provides online materials for archived training opportunities on basic and advanced metabolomics research. 

This page last reviewed on October 19, 2018