Health Care Systems (HCS) Research Collaboratory (271)
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Predicting decompression surgery by applying multimodal deep learning to patients' structured and unstructured health data.Jujjavarapu, Chethan; Suri, Pradeep; Pejaver, Vikas; Friedly, Janna; Gold, Laura S; Meier, Eric; Cohen, Trevor; Mooney, Sean D; Heagerty, Patrick J; Jarvik, Jeffrey GBMC medical informatics and decision making2023 Jan 0636609379
Improving sandwich variance estimation for marginal Cox analysis of cluster randomized trials.Wang, Xueqi; Turner, Elizabeth L; Li, FanBiometrical journal. Biometrische Zeitschrift2022 Dec 2536567265
Reaching Ambulatory Older Adults with Educational Tools: Comparative Efficacy and Cost of Varied Outreach Modalities in Primary Care.LaVine, N; Emmert, K; Itty, J; Martins-Welch, D; Carney, M; Block, A; Burgess, L; Volandes, A E; Zupanc, S N; Jacome, S; Gromova, V; Davis, A D; Schwartz, P; Alvarez-Suarez, A; Burns, EdithJournal of general internal medicine2022 Oct 1036217070
Ethics challenges in sharing data from pragmatic clinical trials.Morain, Stephanie R; Bollinger, Juli; Weinfurt, Kevin; Sugarman, JeremyClinical trials (London, England)2022 Dec36071689
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and alcohol and drug use comorbidity at 25 US level I trauma centers.Nguyen, Jefferson; Whiteside, Lauren K; Bulger, Eileen M; Veach, Laura; Moloney, Kathleen; Russo, Joan; Nehra, Deepika; Wang, Jin; Zatzick, Douglas FTrauma surgery & acute care open202235979039
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Ethnic Minorities' Perceptions of COVID-19 Vaccines and Challenges in the Pandemic: A Qualitative Study to Inform COVID-19 Prevention Interventions.Zhou, Shuo; Villalobos, Jennifer Paola; Munoz, Alondra; Bull, SheanaHealth communication2022 Jul 0135775369
Toward Meeting the Obligation of Respect for Persons in Pragmatic Clinical Trials.Morain, Stephanie R; Kraft, Stephanie A; Wilfond, Benjamin S; Mcguire, Amy; Dickert, Neal W; Garland, Andrew; Sugarman, JeremyThe Hastings Center report2022 May35763201
Trends and Disparities in Access to Buprenorphine Treatment Following an Opioid-Related Emergency Department Visit Among an Insured Cohort, 2014-2020.Stevens, Maria A; Tsai, Jennifer; Savitz, Samuel T; Nath, Bidisha; Melnick, Edward R; D'Onofrio, Gail; Jeffery, Molly MooreJAMA network open2022 06 0135657629
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A Comparison of Natural Language Processing Methods for the Classification of Lumbar Spine Imaging Findings Related to Lower Back Pain.Jujjavarapu, Chethan; Pejaver, Vikas; Cohen, Trevor A; Mooney, Sean D; Heagerty, Patrick J; Jarvik, Jeffrey GAcademic radiology2022 0334862122
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Patient Factors and Hospital Outcomes Associated With Atypical Presentation in Hospitalized Older Adults With COVID-19 During the First Surge of the Pandemic.Marziliano, Allison; Burns, Edith; Chauhan, Lakshpaul; Liu, Yan; Makhnevich, Alex; Zhang, Meng; Carney, Maria T; Dbeis, Yasser; Lindvall, Charlotta; Qiu, Michael; Diefenbach, Michael A; Sinvani, LironThe journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences2021 Jul 1934279628
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