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NIH Director's Early Independence Award (EIA) Matching Portal

NIH Director's Early Independence Award (EIA) Matching Portal:

TEMPLATE for Institutions interested in hosting an NIH Director's Early Independence Award (EIA) scientist

Institutions interested in hosting an EIA scientist should complete all sections of the following template. Be sure to hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of the template when you are finished to place it in the queue for posting on the EIA portal. Information will be validated and posted within approximately 24 hours after validation. Upon posting, the name of your institution will appear on the institution listing page of the EIA portal ( with a link to the information you provided. Prospective EIA candidates will be able to review this information and initiate contact with your institution if desired. Only one submission to this web portal per institution (as defined by unique DUNS identified) is permitted.

Institution Name:*   
Institution Website:  

DUNS Number:*      

Institution Contact Information:
Name:* Title:
Email Address:* Phone Number:
Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Brief description of research areas being targeted by the Institution for the EIA initiative (with specific websites, if available):
Documents that prospective EIA candidates need to submit and deadlines for submission:
Description of selection process for EIA candidates by institution (if available):
Specific institution website for prospective EIA candidates (if available):
Other information (please provide any other instructions to potential EIA candidates):
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