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National Centers for Biomedical Computing: Technical Assistance Workshop for RFA-RM-04-022

Description of the Workshop

NIH staff conducted a technical assistance and information-sharing workshop in Bethesda, MD on October 28, 2004. This workshop allowed applicants and NIH staff to discuss and clarify any issues or questions related to this RFA. The workshop was Webcast live and NIH staff responded to questions from the audience and questions submitted by email ( Detailed information about the NCBC initiative is available at the BISTI Web site

Summary of the NIH Roadmap Initiative for National Centers for Biomedical Computing

The National Institutes of Health invites applications for specialized Centers in the area of biomedical computing. The U54 cooperative agreement mechanism will be used to create the NIH National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBC), part of the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research. These Centers, in conjunction with individual investigator awards, will create a networked national effort to build the computational infrastructure for biomedical computing in the nation, the National Program of Excellence in Biomedical Computing (NPEBC). The NIH NCBC will be devoted to all facets of biomedical computing, from basic research in computational science to providing the tools and resources that biomedical and behavioral researchers need to do their work. In addition to carrying out fundamental research, it is expected that the NIH NCBC will play a major role in educating and training researchers to engage in biomedical computing. In this second competition for the NCBC, the NIH intends to commit $12-14 million dollars in FY 2005 to fund three new Centers. Eligible organizations include domestic public or private institutions, units of State and local governments, and eligible agencies of the Federal government. For-profit organizations are not eligible to apply for a Center, but partnerships are welcome. Foreign institutions are not eligible to apply for a Center, but foreign institutions can participate as subcontractors in any of the Cores. There is no limit on the number of applications from an institution or individual. Any individual with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to carry out the proposed research is invited to work with their institution to develop an application for support. Individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups as well as individuals with disabilities are always encouraged to apply for NIH programs. The NCBC RFA is available at the NIH Roadmap Web site This program will be administered by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

For further information please contact:

John Whitmarsh, Ph.D.
Project Team Leader
National Centers for Biomedical Computing
NIH Roadmap
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
National Institutes of Health
45 Center Drive
Room 2as.55f MSC 6200
Bethesda, MD 20892-6200
Telephone: (301) 541 6446

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