Program Snapshot

The Common Fund’s Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Research Program (Kids First) is developing a large-scale data resource to help researchers uncover new insights into the biology of childhood cancer and structural birth defects, including the discovery of shared genetic pathways between these disorders. Childhood cancers and structural birth defects have profound, lifelong effects on patients and their families. The Kids First program will stimulate research in these areas and work towards providing a better understanding of how genetics plays a role in these conditions that will lead to early detection, therapeutic interventions, and toward more effective prevention.

The Kids First program was launched in 2015. Since that time, Kids First has used a peer-review process to select the first sets of childhood cancer and structure birth defects cohorts for whole genome sequencing provided by Kids First sequencing centers. The program selected additional cohorts for sequencing in 2016-2018 and will be selecting additional cohorts in 2019-2022 pending available funding. In 2018, Kids First launched the Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Resource Portal through the Kids First Data Resource Center (DRC). Over 2015-2018, the program has sequenced more than 20,000 samples from childhood cancer and structural birth defects patient and their families. Clinical and genetic sequence data from more than 5,733 patient samples are now publicly available through NIH dbGaP and Data Resource Portal. Visit the Kids First research projects page for the data release dates for each of the cohorts, and the Frequently Asked Question page for guidance on how to access the data.

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This page last reviewed on July 1, 2019