Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) Other Transaction Awards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We appreciate your interest in the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) and hope that you and your team will choose to submit an application. In order to maximize your chances of success, we would like to provide some guidance that may be helpful. For additional clarification of these or other issues, we encourage you to send an email to or talk with the scientific contacts listed in the RFA to which you are applying.

General Questions

1. What is an Other Transaction (OT) award?

2. What is the difference between an OT award, a grant, cooperative agreement, and a contract?

3. What is an “OT2” mechanism?

4. What is the difference between OT1, OT2, and OT3?

5. Who is eligible to apply for an Other Transaction Award?

6. Is partnering permitted among eligible applicants?


7. Does the NIH have a forum for large and small organizations to discover one another?

8. Where are Other Transaction (OT) Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) posted?

9. Is there a special application process or format for Other Transaction (OT) Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)?

10. Are applicants required to have a Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number?

11. Is a System for Award Management (SAM) registration required?

12. Is eRA Commons registration required?

13. Do I need a signing official to submit an OT application?

14. When is the “OT2” application due?

15. Will there be a required Letter of Intent (LOI) for OT applications?

16. What is the “Invitation to Submit”?

17. Can HuBMAP select only certain portions described in an LOI?

18. Can I be involved in more than one team/can I submit more than one LOI?

19. How long will it take to hear about my letter of intent (LOI)?

20. Will I get feedback on my LOI submission?

21. What is the most common problem you see in OT LOIs?

22. Can I apply to both the OT award and grant announcements?

23. Are application due dates firm or is there a possibility that these dates may be extended?


24. What are “benchmarks”?

25. What is “objective review”?

26. What is the review procedure for a HuBMAP “Limited Competition” Other Transaction (OT) application?

27. Will reviewer critiques be provided post-review?

28. Will impact scores be released post-review?

29. Will reviewer rosters be released post-review?

30. May I appeal the results of the LOI review or objective review?

31. What are the review criteria for “OT2” applications?

32. I’m concerned about how the reviewers will interpret X.

33. How much emphasis is placed on innovation?

34. Can I ask you about my specific aims and hypothesis?

35. The Other Transactions (OT) Research Opportunity Announcement (FOA) stipulates that HuBMAP-funded data will be made available to the research community. What about the source code that makes up the HIVE?

Award Management

36. If selected, when can I expect to receive funding?

37. What happens following selection of a meritorious application for an Other Transaction (OT) award?

38. Will a Notice of Award (NoA) be issued following selection of meritorious applicants for an Other Transaction (OT) award?

39. What is the initial period of performance?

40. What are the Terms & Conditions (T&C) of the Other Transaction (OT) award?

41. How long is the project period under an Other Transaction (OT) award?

42. Will a Project Officer be assigned to oversee my Other Transaction (OT) award?

Post-Award Management

43. What is the role of the HuBMAP Program Manager (PM)?

44. What is the role of the HuBMAP Agreement Officer (AO)?

45. What are post-award changes?

46. How are post-award changes decided and approved?

47. May post-award changes be appealed or disputed?

48. Does receiving an OT award affect my Early Stage Investigator or New Investigator status?

FOA Specific Questions

49. HIVE: What are the expectation for data archiving?

50. HIVE: What Consortium-building and community-engagement activities are encouraged?

51. HIVE: For the Tools Component, is the focus on new tool development or integration of tools?

52. HIVE: Is development of standards within the scope of the initiative and if so what component does it fall under?

53. HIVE: What is the scope of the data to be archived in the HIVE?

54. HIVE: Who is eligible to apply?

55. HIVE: How many awards will be made?


AO                          Agreement Officer

D&B                       Dun and Bradstreet

DUNS                    Data Universal Numbering System

HIVE                      HuBMAP Integration, Visualization, and Engagement

LOI                         Letter of Intent

NoA                       Notice of Award

OT                          Other Transaction

PM                         Program Manager

ROA                       Research Opportunity Announcement

SAM                      System for Award Management

T&C                        Terms & Conditions

This page last reviewed on February 12, 2018